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Supreme Draft
DCI Sanctioned
Paper {Cross}
Magic Online {Tick}
Magic Arena {Cross}
Type Limited (Draft)
Multiplayer {Cross}

Supreme Draft is a Magic: The Gathering format introduced exclusively on Magic Online in 2020.[1]

Description[ | ]

Rather than queuing into a draft pod with seven other humans or bots, Supreme Draft is a single-player draft queue.[2] Once you’re in the draft, you will be presented with 18 unopened packs, one at a time, from which you will pick two cards per pack.

After you choose two cards from a pack, you open the next pack and take two more cards, and so on, until you’ve drafted 36 cards from 18 total packs. You then build a minimum 40-card deck with your draft picks and play out your matches in a League format on Magic Online.

References[ | ]

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