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Plane Dominaria
Part of Jamuraa
Status Partially phased out
Formerly part of Zhalfir

Suq'Ata, also called the Suq'Ata Empire, was one of the oldest and most powerful of the Jamuraan empires on Dominaria.


It was a nation of traders, led by a royal house. The name is derived from Suq, meaning market. Suq’Ata was founded by people from the planes of Wildfire and Rabiah who ended up on Dominaria through planar portals. They settled and built cities reminiscent of their distant home. The settlers began to build a trading empire, and soon had caravans traversing the huge continent of Jamuraa in search of valuables and profit. They annexed the northern Ekundu Mountains from Femeref after hearing tales of mineral wealth deep within them.

A mercantile society was well-versed in spells, treasure, and artifice, with the Suq'Ata's arrival also came one of the oldest arts on Rabiah - the Way of the Assassin.[1] Within the modern cities of Suq'Ata there existed a network of secret guilds wholly devoted to murder. Using spells of summoning, fear, and mind-numbing cold, the assassins of Suq'Ata sought not to defeat their opponents outright, but to poison them over time in a variety of insidious ways.

Mirage War[]

Of the three kingdoms of Jamuraa, Suq’Ata sustained the least damage during the Mirage War, probably since it has a great many natural borders. The Talruum Mountains, Ekundu Mountains, and the Great Desert all surrounded the kingdom. Only via the small connection to the Daraja Plains in the northwest of the kingdom was relatively safe and easy to traverse. The war did bring one dangerous change to Suq'Ata: the remaining presence of the Breathstealers. These assassins from Urborg insinuated themselves into Suq'Atan society, and although silent, these killers were possibly an even greater danger to the noble Suq'Atan than Kaervek's armies. This was made manifest by the murder of Qhattib, vizier of Amiquat, which freed the way for the brute Telim'Tor to succeed the Pasha.

Partially phased out[]

The Zhalfirin Void

During the Phyrexian Invasion Teferi planeswalker phased out most of Suq'Ata's territorities. After Jeska closed the Zhalfirin rift by force, they were lost forever. However, their culture still exists on northern coasts, east from the phased out lands. A bustling city with the same name still exists at this location in Modern Times.[2][3]

Known locations[]

  • Amiquat, the capital of Suq'Ata, situated at a large inlet on the coast. It was ruled by the Pasha of Suq'ata and his vizier Qhattib. (Amiq - deep: the city in the heart of the land)
  • Wayraqa, a merchant-city on the northcoast (Waraqa = bank note)
  • The Great Desert
    • The Afiya Grove, a famous oasis (Afiya = Health)
    • Harqkur (Harq = burn)
    • Minarbirr, a city on the frontier (Minaebbih = alarm)

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