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Plane Dominaria
Part of Aerona

Sursi is a large plateau in southern part of the Aerona continent of Dominaria[1] and also the name of a village in this area.


The plateau is covered by plains and home to a race of fabled mesa pegasi. When a woman marries in Sursi, she must visit the mesa. It is said that, if the woman is pure of heart, she and her family will be blessed by a pegasus. The Plains of Sursi lie east of the Erg Mirab. Sursi is divided from Venaria by a large inlet.[2]

Here, in the cold waters of a deep lake, was contained the only portal from Dominaria to Ulgrotha, which was probably destroyed by the disasters that happened on Dominaria. Using the portal required to pass a doorway made of three "menhir stones" when the Mist Moon was full and snow was on the ground. The portal leads to the Koskun Mountains, home to Eron the Relentless.[3]


On the Plains of Sursi, Serra was attacked by another (disguised) planeswalker, who thought that her wedding ring was some powerful artifact.[4] In her dying moments she sanctified and revitalized the lands surrounding Sursi.[5] Brother Angus took her body and created the Cathedral of Serra near the Sursi village.

In the Mending Era, Sursi became colony of Benalia because of its importance to the Church of Serra.[6] The pegasus of the mesa are highly prized by Benalish knights.[7]

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