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Race Orochi
Birthplace Kamigawa
Lifetime During the Kami War (Pre-Mending)

Suzue (pronounced SOO-zoo-ay) was a female Orochi from Kamigawa.


A proud and stubborn Orochi, she left the Jukai Forest to seek out the reasons behind the Kami War, although pregnant. She reached the sanctuary of Okina, where she met the monk Dosan and began to communicate with the humans. She split her time between Okina and the orochi colonies. When her brood finally hatched, it included a strong male called Seshiro who was brought by Suzue to Okina to study matial arts with the monks, while she and Dosan discussed the kami's anger.

A year later, Suzue, Seshiro and Dosan were attacked by a kami of decay. Seshiro saved Dosan, but Suzue was fatally wounded. The young warrior returned to the colonies, vowing to stir his people into action, and became the Broodmaster. Among his children were the strong Sosuke, leader of the Kashi tribe and the wise Sachi, leader of the Sakura tribe. Suzue's courage produced a dynasty that profoundly changed the orochi colonies.[1]