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Land Type
(Subtype for land cards)
Rules {T}: Add {B}.
35 cards
{B} 14.3% {U/B} 20% {B/R} 20% {W/B} 14.3% {B/G} 14.3% {M} 17.1%
as of Murders at Karlov Manor
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Swamp is one of the five basic land types and provides black mana, which is required to cast black spells.[1]

Additionally there is a snow variant, the Snow-Covered Swamp.

Description[ | ]

Swamps are traditionally defined as forested wetlands, areas where the water deposition is greater than the draining of the topology of the area allows. The resulting landscape is often filled with mud, rotting vegetation, and insect populations.

The visual style for Swamps is distinct, drawing upon pop-cultural depictions of wetlands as somber, sinister places, but some art used for Plains, Islands, and Forests could also be considered "swampy". Nonetheless, Swamps have a fairly consistent depiction in Magic, except for sewers or flooded buildings in urbanized areas. Notably, lakes tend to be considered Islands, when in real life the distinction between lakes and swamps tends to be rather blurry and generally supports similar ecologies.

List of Swamps[ | ]

Swamps of Alara[ | ]

Esper[ | ]

Grixis[ | ]

Jund[ | ]

Swamps of Dominaria[ | ]

Burning Isles[ | ]

Caliman[ | ]

The salt marshes of Caliman conceal the city of Dakmor.

Corondor[ | ]

Jamuraa[ | ]

Otaria[ | ]

Sarpadia[ | ]

Terisiare[ | ]

The Domains[ | ]

Swamps of Innistrad[ | ]

Swamps of Kamigawa[ | ]

Swamps of Mirrodin/New Phyrexia[ | ]

Swamps of Ravnica[ | ]

The sewers of Ravnica make up the swamps.

Rules[ | ]

From the glossary of the Comprehensive Rules (June 7, 2024—Modern Horizons 3)

One of the five basic land types. Any land with this subtype has the ability “{T}: Add {B}.” See rule 305.6.

References[ | ]

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