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Race Human
Birthplace Paliano, Fiora
Lifetime After the Mending

Sydri is a skilled human artificer at the High City of Paliano on the plane of Fiora.

Sydri is a master of metalwork and mystical animation. She's young, brilliant and willing to sell her ingenious devices to anyone who will pay her substantial fee. Sydri can infuse life into almost any object, which will then tirelessly do its master's bidding. Thanks to her, a statue could become a spy, or a sword transform into an unexpected assassin without the need of a hand to wield it. Although honest by nature, she's fallen into a dangerous circle of elite priests — the Custodi — who will do anything to gain the upper hand in the political sphere. Sydri is tempted by material rewards and must soon make a choice about the nature of her creations and their ultimate purpose.[1]

Sydri specializes in custom solutions for the problems of the wealthy, which means that when they intend to dispatch someone in a crafty way, they ask Sydri, since they can count on their silence. Albeit she isn't against creating deadly items, she requires that her clients be upfront and admit for which reason they ask her help. Anyway, she always offer a chance to turn back, even after completing the order, refunding half of her payment should the clients change their mind. Her line of work requires her to be always on the run, and as such she often relocates her workshop.[2]

Possibly, Sydri was involved with King Brago's treatment.[3]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
The Perfect Gift Nik Davidson 2013-10-16 Commander 2013 Fiora Sydri

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