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Sygg Gauhren Gyllalla Syllvar
Race Merfolk
Birthplace Lorwyn–Shadowmoor
Lifetime around the time of the last Great Aurora
Lorwyn, Morningtide, Shadowmoor, Eventide

Sygg Gauhren Gyllalla Syllvar was a merrow ferryman in the Wanderwine river of Lorwyn. One day, as he ferried the flamekin pilgrim, Ashling, a kithkin family, and the Vendilion clique, his shapewater ferry was attacked by an arbomander. Sygg was knocked unconscious and his apprentice, Dugah, was eaten. The passengers were saved by the faeries.

Later, Sygg provided his service to Rhys when the elf and his companions needed to get to the Murmuring Bosk. Sygg took the company through the Dark Meanders, most dreaded parts of the Lorwyn water system. Later, he was attacked by Brigid Baeli, when she, misguided by a manipulated message, tried to kill Ashling, but survived and allowed Rhys to escape the kithkin hero's trap. Later, he once more provided his service to Rhys, when the party returned to Bosk to check the progress of Colfenor's offspring.

After Rhys was discovered, Sygg returned to the Paupurfylln (Paperfin) school, where he was a former mate of its leader, Reejerey Kasella. Another mate of his was Creidyllan of the crannog Aughn. Sygg bore the title of Heir to Morningtide, and possessed an artifact called Crescent of Morningtide. He retrieved the Crescent in hopes of stemming the madness that was infecting his people, but unfortunately, Brigid took the Crescent as the Great Aurora swept across the world.

After the Aurora[]

Sygg, River Cutthroat

After Lorwyn turned into Shadowmoor, Sygg of the Razorfin became a pirate (although his card is a rogue), with Brigid as part of his crew. After the encounter with Jack Chierdagh, Brigid left his crew along with Wryget. Sygg later gathered a new gang, consisting of Kasella (now an Inkfathom concubine and assassin), and warrior-tideshapers Artio and Scathak. During that time, Sygg communed with The Source of Wanderbrine and learned about his destiny as the Heir to Morningtide. Sygg agreed to help Maralen and Brigid to ambush Ashling near Kinscaer in exchange for being finally given the Crescent afterward. The ambush barely succeeded, with Ashling being defeated only by the intervention of Oona, who wanted her power for herself. However, Maralen managed to beat Oona to it and revealed that she was never planning to give the Crescent back to Sygg and his battered crew. She kept the Crescent and united the power of two greater elementals, fire and water, in herself. Sygg was forced to leave after threatening Maralen, having never gotten the Crescent he was promised.

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