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Plane New Phyrexia

A towering city of gold, Taj-Nar, the Ancient Den, was the city and refuge of the leonin on Mirrodin. It was here that the leonin kha, or king, resided.


Taj-Nar was visited by Glissa Sunseeker of the Tangle, who unwittingly brought Memnarch's forces to attack the city while searching for her. Glissa left the city soon after the death of Rishan, daughter of the seer Ushanti. The city was later destroyed by a mana bomb, supposedly by the kha, Raksha Golden Cub, himself. However, Vektro, a creature that could inhabit living beings, had stolen the identity of Glissa's sister, Lyese, and was the true culprit in the city's destruction.

The Den laid a smoldering crater for years, a symbol of The Vanished Ones and the missing kha. Under the guidance of Kemba the Regent, Taj-Nar was painstakingly rebuilt, but with greater magical defenses. The newly-created Regent's Guard, an elite force of leonin warriors, mages, and skyhunters, now defended the Den at all times.[1]

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