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Race Human
Birthplace Ravnica City, Ravnica
Lifetime Mending Era
The Secretist, Part One
The Secretist, Part Two
The Secretist, Part Three

Commander Tajic, First Guildmage of the Legion, is a self assured human soldier of the Boros Legion on Ravnica. He has olive skin, a black goatee and speaks with a thick accent.


Tajic is the highest ranking Boros guildmage, and one of the prime advisors of Warleader Aurelia. He's in charge of the Warmind Initiative, which is an effort to collaborate with the Izzet to increase Boros weapons and battle effectiveness.[1]

Tajic ran the Implicit Maze as reprenstative of the Boros. Later, he was asked by Teysa Karlov to help her remove the Obzedat from power.[2] Their plot was foiled, and Tajic was taken prisoner by the Orzhov.[3] Though Aurelia quickly managed to secure his release, the experience soured Tajic's relationship with Teysa significantly.[4]

As second in command, Tajic later opposed Aurelia's plan to unite with the other guilds in their fight against the forces of Bolas.[5] Tajic believes that the Boros can trust only the Boros.[6] He is convinced that any effort at peace among the guilds is doomed to failure without the Guildpact. The Boros, he argues, would be better off spending their energy to make themselves stronger so they can uphold the fragile balance that exists now-and protect the innocent when the balance tilts. Aurelia feels that his negative attitude runs the risk of poisoning the hearts of the other Boros and undermining any peace efforts.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Teysa Karlov Adam Lee 2013-04-10 Dragon's Maze Ravnica Teysa Karlov, Tajic
Battle for the Ninth Adam Lee 2013-06-19 Dragon's Maze Ravnica Gideon Jura, Tajic, Aurelia
Family Values Alison Luhrs 2015-11-11 Commander 2015 Ravnica Teysa, Tajic, Karlov

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