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Takara en-Dal
Race Human
Birthplace Rath
Lifetime died in 4205 AR
Rath and Storm, Mercadian Masques, Nemesis, Invasion

Takara en-Dal was a rebel leader on Rath. She was the daughter of Starke il-Vec and the unnamed en-Dal woman he was secretly married to.


In her youth, Takara played a role in organizing resistance to the Stronghold until she was captured and imprisoned by Volrath. However, this was not done in reprisal for her rebellious activities, but rather because she could be used as a tool to manipulate her father. While Starke was forced to obey Volrath's commands in a vain effort to free Takara, she languished inside the Stronghold's dungeons.

Takara's first chance at freedom came when Weatherlight, guided by Starke, came to Rath to free Captain Sisay. However, Takara's cell was overlooked as the Weatherlight crew searched the dungeons. Instead, they were deceived by Volrath, who shapeshifted to look like Takara and so stowed away aboard Weatherlight when it fled to Mercadia. Once in Mercadia, Volrath killed Starke and in doing so seemed to doom Takara to oblivion inside the Stronghold's dungeons.

However, Takara got a second chance to break free when Eladamri surrendered to the Stronghold forces to allow several of his rebels to sneak inside the fortress disguised as his captors. Eladamri was taken into the dungeons, where Greven il-Vec tortured him. Eladamri held out until Greven was called away, at which point the elf lord freed himself and tried to meet up with his co-conspirators. Along the way, he happened upon Takara's cell. He quickly freed her, then had her use her knowledge of the Stronghold's layout to guide them safely through it. The pair met up with Lin Sivvi and the other rebels and attempted to flee, but were pinned down inside the Dream Halls. The situation seemed hopeless, but liberation came in the form of Belbe, who had turned against her Phyrexian makers. She revealed her personal portal device to the rebels, explaining that it could transport up to three people to another plane. Eladamri chose Dominaria as the destination, sending the injured Sivvi through first. However, before anyone else could go through Takara dashed through the portal to safety. She had been imprisoned for too long to miss her chance at escape.

In Dominaria, Takara stayed with Sivvi and Eladamri (who had followed behind her.) They traveled across the Domains, warning people of the coming invasion. The war started while they were trying to convince the Llanowar elves of the threat. As plague bombs rained down on the elven kingdoms, Takara — already dying of the plague, having contracted it in the Stronghold — tried to guide elves to the safety of the underground caves. While doing so, she was hit by a Phyrexian bomb and instantly killed.

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