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Plane Kamigawa

The Takenuma Swamp (Japanese: (たけ) (ぬま) ; rōmaji: Takenuma; literally: "Bamboo Swamp") was a major source of black mana location on the plane of Kamigawa.


A fetid swamp of rotten bamboo, poisoned water, and foul air, Takenuma was home to nezumi-bito, humans, o-bakemono and many other less-than-pleasant things.

The guardian spirit dragon of Takenuma is Kokusho, the Evening Star.


Takenuma Swamp. Art by Jim Nelson.

  • Miren. A haunted well deep within Takenuma.
  • Numai (“swamp home”), once a prospering human city, now a loose group of half-deteriorated buildings. Many of the criminal masterminds of Kamigawa, such as Uramon, have their manors here. There is also a base of the mahotsukai cult, a group of powerful black jushi (wizards), the greatest of which was Kiku. Numai was also once the home of Toshiro Umezawa. The outskirts of the city reach near the western edge of the swamp. [1]
  • Shizo. An ancient battlefield with many corpses mummified in the mud.

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