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Takeshi Konda
Race Human
Birthplace Eiganjo, Kamigawa
Lifetime born ~3200 AR, imprisoned ~3250 AR
Outlaw: Champions of Kamigawa, Heretic: Betrayers of Kamigawa, Guardian: Saviors of Kamigawa

Daimyo Takeshi Konda was one of the greatest human rulers of the plane of Kamigawa. He resided in the great castle of Eiganjo from which he established his reign over the majority of Kamigawa.[1][2]


As a young man, Konda built Eiganjo Castle, drove out the surrounding bandits in the Araba, and united a dozen local warlords to consolidate his power.[3][4] He had multiple concubines, his favorite of which, and the mother of his future daughter, was Lady Yoshino.

Konda's Crime[]

Years later, over fifty years old and ruling a united Towabara, Konda wanted to ensure eternal peace and prosperity for his people.[5] In order to achieve this objective, he did not hesitate to change the whole world. With the help of the results of Eight-and-a-Half-Tails' research, personal participation of ambassador Meloku of the soratami, Sensei Hisoka of Minamo, General Takeno, and an outbreak of sympathetic spiritual energy accompanying the birth of his daughter Michiko, he performed a sacrilegious ritual. During this he broke the barrier between the mortal and spirit world, captured and imprisoned a major spirit - an important part of O-Kagachi himself. That Which Was Taken became his major interest, allowing him to stop aging and technically become immortal. Konda's crime triggered the Kami War, a devastating, twenty-year conflict between Kamigawa's mortal and spiritual worlds.

The Reckoning[]

At the climax of the Kami War, Konda and O-Kagachi were struck down by their daughters Michiko Konda and Kyodai (the Taken One), respectively. After her release, the Taken One punctured Konda's eyes, then petrified his immortal body and crushed him into a million pieces. Hundreds of years later, Konda's undying remains presumably still lie in the Jukai Forest.

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