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Gallery Highlights[]

Artwork Quality Relevance Description Replace?
Bartel Runeaxe Low Medium Just filler to show and mention his style. All his cards have the same style. Improved quality on this or any other card
Barktooth Warbeard Medium Medium Showcases his side profile tendencies. Improved quality - Lost Order of Jarkeld would be an excellent replacement.
Roc of Kher Ridge Low Medium Has said it is his personal favorite - although this seemed dubious at best. Improved quality
Vaevictis Asmadi High High Arguably his most iconic and recognized card. Only other most players can recognize is the Goblin Balloon Brigade. Not Recommended.

Use this as a quick way to determine which artworks need improvement or replacement.


Art Style[]

I'm not sure if there is a more direct genre that his Magic artwork attempts to emulate. It is definitely a Medieval era. He definitely uses toning to make it appear aged.