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Gallery Highlights[edit source]

Artwork Quality Relevance Description Replace?
Circular Logic High High Popular card, also one that he has stated was very enjoyable to work on. He has noted that as is, it is unfinished and will probably remain that way. Not recommended
Dread Slag High High Showcases his visceral tendencies. Jeremy Jarvis declared it one of the scariest Magic arts of all time. Not recommended
Forest High Very High Showcases his work on the Ravnica style guide. His favorite of the basic land concepts he helped to create. Not recommended
Graven Cairns High High Award nominated artwork. Shows off many of his stated themes - Alienation, Isolation, Loss Feasibly could be flopped with a HQ of Cinder Wall
Ooze Garden High Medium Showcases his abstract and evocative natures. Other artworks do it with slightly more relevance though. Only if showcasing his early artwork style
Petals of Insight Very High Very High One of his personal favorite arts. He considers this art to be the exact turning point in his artistic career. Would be foolish
Wild Mongrel Very High Very High Easily his most iconic and popular card. Would be foolish
Yavimaya Coast High High Showcases his landscape work and one of his most popular cards. Possibly redundant with Circular Logic and the Rav. Forest. Only to remove redundancy

Use this as a quick way to determine which artworks need improvement or replacement.

Elements Disincluded from Rewrite[edit source]

  • I removed his contact information. It was out of date anyway since he now lives in Cali.
  • Left off the ComicCon comment. Feel free to add it back on with a citation. Not sure where it came from.--Cashew 10:45, 8 September 2010 (UTC)