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Primary topic[edit source]

Should this page be the primary topic, and the initial Wizards-printed decks moved to Commander (set)? This page has twice the number of inbound links. --Corveroth (talk) 19:10, 26 May 2019 (UTC)

This is a good question. Currently the product article will always be used as root article, which makes the wiki very consistent in that regard. If we change it here, we need to take a look at other pages with a similar situation as well and how a rule for this should look like. I am open for any solution here. - Yandere Sliver H09 symbol.png 19:50, 26 May 2019 (UTC)
I am, as usual, of a mind to follow Wikipedia's lead. To wit, "This may lead to some acceptable inconsistency; for instance, the article on chickens is found at Chicken, but the article on turkeys is at Turkey (bird) to disambiguate it from the country Turkey." --Corveroth (talk) 20:04, 26 May 2019 (UTC)
Sounds fine with me. As you have probably noticed I updated the link code for the casual formats to include (format) in their title. If we move Commander to become the root article then I would obviously disable this functionality. - Yandere Sliver H09 symbol.png 20:51, 26 May 2019 (UTC)