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By accident, since the search did not yield any result for the term "fetch land", I created an alternate article discussing the same matter. I would ask for those two articles to be merged as the article I created also deals with Alara Panorama lands and fetchlands that are not in a cycle, e.g. Terramorphic expanse. Chaosof99 12:31, 15 May 2009 (UTC)


This last edit is simply INCORRECT!! READ THE CARDS! That's the number one rule of Magic! Read the cards!

The Onslaught lands do NOT say "Basic" on them. So you can get a Blood Crypt because it's a Swamp.

You can't do that with the Shards of Alara lands because READ THE CARD, it says "Search your library for a Basic Swamp,..." Notice how it says "Basic Swamp." So for Shards of Alara lands you have to get BASIC lands because THE CARD SAYS "Basic" in front of the land.

With the Onslaught lands it does NOT say "Basic" in front of Swamp so you can get any Swamp and Blood Crypt and Leechridden Swamp both count as Swamps.

Read the cards! The wiki is now incorrect. jackal242 Fri Aug 16 17:56:59 UTC 2013

Read and duly noted. Someone else will read this and reply as proper. --—Magic Mage (talk!) 06:37, 17 August 2013 (UTC)

"Thawing Glaciers"[]

Shouldn't Thawing Glaciers be included as a fetch land?