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Wizards is progressive, and this isn't the best page to talk about it[]

We recently had an edit to remove some content from this page, with a note that asked, "[Really?]" This may have simply been a reflection of the poor quality of the redacted sentence, but considering the current social climate, I feel this needs to be said: Wizards has a clear and ongoing policy of being socially progressive.

I've replaced the section in question with a much more robust set of citations, and tied it into the article via the existing reference to Wizards' player acquisition strategy. That said, in-depth coverage of neither subject is an excellent fit for this page. Each could use its own page, and likely a link from this or another broad-topic page, and if no one steps up to do so, I'll get to it myself at some point. If someone else is interested, in addition to the citations already inlined, here are some further first- and second-party references. (and generally, many posts on Doug's blog)