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This page needs renaming. I have just reread The Cursed Land, and the character is called Tempé, not Tempè. The character Krimon is also misnamed on the wiki. He is called Krim in the novel. (And named alongside Platon, presumably that's why the origin poster was confused) Also, there appears to be some speculation on the nature of The Thorn here. The novel just says "he works the storm lines" (note the lack of capitalization), after which the character Malvos speculates he now also "works the dead pools". Sounds to me like that just means "He summons storms, but maybe he now also taps black mana", but in more purple prose. There is nothing more on storm lines or death pools in the book, so the whole bit about those beings regions or planes must be speculation.--The Squirle master (talk) 22:33, 28 December 2014 (UTC)