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I have read the “Return to Dominaria: Episode 12” and have not seen any clue of the location. Hunterofsalvation, are you sure of your given source? --Tuamir (talk) 16:02, 16 June 2018 (UTC)

I believe it is said in one of the Dominaria podcast (probably the last one). --Firebead elvenhair (talk) 16:26, 16 June 2018 (UTC)
Wrong source indeed, sorry (copied the wrong reference). It was in the podcasts, and squirl's blog is the easiest way to source it. --Hunter (talk) 16:49, 16 June 2018 (UTC)

Represented and depicted[]

Why the cards Vesuva and Isle of Vesuva have been changed from "represented in" to "depicted in"? We usually put the cards from planechase and the lands in the represented category (since they are the embodiment of the location in card form) --Firebead elvenhair (talk) 07:32, 26 June 2019 (UTC)

agreed and changed. - Yandere Sliver H09 symbol.png 10:41, 26 June 2019 (UTC)