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Race Soratami Planeswalker
Birthplace Oboro, Kamigawa
Lifetime Mending Era
Center: {U}
Currently: {G}{W}{U}
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Tamiyo (Japanese: タミヨウ; rōmaji: Tamiyō) is a Moonfolk planeswalker from Kamigawa.

Appearance and characteristics[]

Tamiyo is a truth-seeker. She aims to understand and seeks truth and records that truth for all time. She is reluctant to interfere.[1]

When the field scholar's spark ignited, the secrets the Multiverse offered were a greater dream than any she had ever had. Each plane seemed to be an unexplored trove of knowledge to be brought back to the great scroll-towers of Oboro. For Tamiyo, every plane holds a mystery that makes it unique, and she spends a great deal of time studying whatever she can. However, in the end she always returns to her loved family and her husband Genku in Otawara.[1]

Tamiyo is centered in blue, with secondary white and green mana. Like all Moonfolk, she is capable of flight.

Family and Story-Circle[]

Tamiyo and Genku have several children: among others their son Hiroku, daughter Rumiyo and their adopted nezumi son Nashi. Tamiyo's parents are still alive and she has at least one brother or sister.[2]

Tamiyo has founded a small, informal story-circle that exchanges stories about what happens in the Multiverse. Members of Tamiyo's Story-Circle include fellow planeswalkers Narset, Elspeth, Ajani Goldmane and possibly Dovin Baan as a former member.[3]



On Innistrad she found the mystery of the great silver moon that hung in the sky. Tamiyo observed Innistrad for many cycles, using her powers as a Planeswalker to gain insight into the forces the moon exerted on the world below. She watched with rapt attention how the moon affected the werewolves and vampires on Innistrad, and she wrote extensive notes on the ebb and flow of violent frenzies in relation to the moon's influence. Her curiosity eventually led her to the door of the famed Nephalian astronomancer Jenrik. Tamiyo spent months in his moonstone tower pouring over countless charts, adding her own observations to his collection about the odd power the moon holds over the denizens and populace of this plane.

When Avacyn was freed from the Helvault Tamiyo excitedly began writing theories about the angel's influence on the land, its creatures, and the moon. The nature of the Helvault, the creation of the wolfir, the reappearance of the gryffs, and the origins of the newly empowered holy wards have been filling her scrolls with further questions.

Meeting with other planeswalkers[]

In the months after the opening of the Helvault, Tamiyo returned for a short visit home with her family. During that time, Ajani Goldmane visited her from Theros where he had witnessed Elspeth's death. She allowed him to stay until he was ready to move on.[2]

Tamiyo and Nissa sealing Emrakul on Innistrad's moon.

Shadows over Innistrad[]

After Avacyn went mad through Nahiri's machinations, Tamiyo started to investigate this new phenomenon. Again she only wanted to understand and didn't want to destroy Avacyn, because the angel warded the entire plane against unknown evils. However, Jace Beleren persuaded her to face Avacyn together.[1] When they confronted Avacyn, they almost lost their fight. In the end, Sorin Markov showed up and destroyed his creation himself.[4] After the last protection of Innistrad had vanished, Jace and Tamiyo witnessed the arrival of the third Eldrazi titan, Emrakul. Jace immediately went to fetch the Gatewatch.[5]

Joining forces with the Gatewatch, Tamiyo was the one who deduced that Emrakul could not be defeated like the other titans, but had to be sealed. Pointing to the moon as the origin of the Helvault, she combined forces with Jace and Nissa to seal Emrakul. While the spell seemed to fail at first, Tamiyo took out one of her iron-clad scrolls and the spell succeeded to seal the titan. Afterwards, Gideon approached her and offered her a place in the Gatewatch, but Tamiyo declined, seemingly shaken by the experience.

Later, she and Jace met in an abandoned chapel. She revealed that she had been possessed and that the scroll's spell had not been of her design, but of Emrakul. She left afterwards, leaving Jace to ponder what Emrakul's plan was.[6]

Tamiyo attacked by Kefnet, in Ravnica.

War of the Spark[]

Tamiyo traveled with the Gatewatch to Ravnica for the final confrontation with Bolas, and immediately became trapped there due to Bolas's use of the Immortal Sun. She initially wished to simply observe the conflict without directly getting involved. However, while recording the events of the war, she was forced to put her neutrality aside when confronted by the God-Eternal Kefnet.[7] Alongside many other planeswalkers and Ravnicans, she fought against the Eternals of Bolas' Dreadhorde.[8]

During the invasion, the trapped planeswalkers (including Tamiyo) got together with Ravnican leaders to strategize. Tamiyo was one of the few planeswalkers who chose to remain on Ravnica after Chandra disabled the Immortal Sun, helping the Gatewatch in their fight against Bolas. She survived the battle.

Aftermath of the War[]

Tamiyo participated in the memorial service for Gideon on Theros.[9]

Tamiyo's stories[]

Tamiyo's Journal

Tamiyo travels through the multiverse collecting stories. She uses these stories as catalysts for her magic. Among these stories three are kept in iron bands. She promised to never open them again. One of these stories describes the destruction of Serra's Realm. One of these stories, possibly but not necessarily the aforementioned Serra's Realm one, was later warped by Emrakul to allow her to be sealed in Innistrad's Moon.[1]

  • He Who Frightens the Sun - A story about greed. Origin: Kamigawa
  • Original - From the creation of the autonomous Myr. Origin: Mirrodin
  • Winter's Howl - About a woman losing her husband to the cold. Origin: Dominaria during the Ice Age
  • Tamiyo's journal, a bound collection of research notes originally written by the planeswalker during her investigation of Innistrad. She passed the journal on to Jenrik, after whose death it was discovered by Jace Beleren. At least seven entries include the phrase "there's more to Avacyn's madness."
Entry Time Text Cards
With angels came mysteries. Clue (Token, #13)
Consider this: the shepherd turns on her flock. Why?[10] Clue (Token, #16)
The symbols—when did they change? Clue (Token, #15)
The appearance of these warped stones throughout the provinces is too pervasive to be random. More evidence is needed to determine the reason behind them. Catalog (Shadows over Innistrad)
The tides have begun to ignore the moon. Engulf the Shore
Their chanting grows louder as the tide rises. Clue (Token, #11)
433 Harvest Moon, ~4560 AR A stoic rider on a dappled gray arrived at my study unexpectedly this morning, carrying with him a most curious delivery. A burlap-wrapped parcel, easily larger than a human, required both of our efforts to heave into the observatory's foyer. The rider said little, but pointed with a soiled boot-tip toward the label written in Jenrik's scrawl: "Specimen for immediate inspection."

As I removed the wrappings, my breath caught in my throat as I saw fur, then claws, then the lupine muzzle come into view—a werewolf. A cursory examination revealed it to be far larger and more complete than nearly anything else of its kind that has passed through my hands. To my great surprise, the corpse was icy cold and had been dead for some time by now. The post-mortem reversion of lycanthrope corpses to their human forms was a well-known fact that stood in harsh contradiction to the specimen before my eyes. Though quite eager to begin my work, I did inquire for a receipt confirming the time of delivery—he signed it simply "R. Karolus."

The specimen was cleansed, drained, and labeled, and I began on the left anterior section. Large amounts of thick fur were first removed, revealing the sample's dermis.

Though it is customary in such procedures to cover the face of the specimen, both to protect it from damage during the examination and for some of more delicate dispositions, I could not help but linger on its expression. Eyes wide and staring, its open mouth seemed to be caught in a call to something beyond the slayer in front of it in its last moments. Most likely, as so many that I had seen before, staring rapturously towards the Moon.

The beast's expression brought to mind Jenrik's words to me. "The exact means by which a person is subjected to the curse of lycanthropy is unknown," he had said, "though it is closely linked to the basic nature of every lycanthrope. The sight of the moon fills them with unbearable savagery and strength, though the touch of her silver is poison."

I still vividly recall my first days on Innistrad, a place of seemingly endless winter nights—the perfect slate to stage my lunar studies. As I stared up at the Heron, so perfectly full, clear, and bright that she drowned the stars, a rapturous...wildness bloomed in my heart as well. Perhaps it was the vivid memory of a past worlds away within the clouds. Perhaps there was something enviable in the lycanthrope, who did not fear to grasp that wildness and hold it close to them. Perhaps they know an ecstasy we never will, from the silvery tides of moon magic running through their veins.

Hallmark colorations of a Gavony province howlpack were visible about the upper mandible. The area was marred by the presence of stringy connective tissue that had wrapped around the teeth. Closing of the jaw was likely impossible for the afflicted at the time of death.

After the loss of three scalpels of Blessed Silver, attempts to make the first chest cavity incision required the use of our heavier tools, particularly a woodcutter's saw that had been hastily coated and blessed by Avacynian missionaries in the next town over. With great effort, the rib cage was separated, the specimen split from clavicle to pelvis, its contents exposed to air.

I have often admired the lycanthrope's orderly interior, organs neatly packed and encased in their membranes, branching vessels traversing perfect pathways throughout. Massive lungs for communicating with their packs over great distances and for tree-lined sprints, a relentlessly effective liver for processing the flesh of their prey within minutes, heavily vascularized adrenal glands prepared to spill their contents into the bloodstream. An oblique reflection on the human form, elevated to a predator's ideal.

This one, though. This one There was, in fact, little or nothing of the human form that remained within.

The peritoneal interior was filled with a network of tough sinew of varying thicknesses that had grown to such an extent that it pushed aside many of the organs. Though the animal had appeared larger from the outside, a significant portion of this bulk was likely made up of such a substance. They connected in some places in thick nodules, clustered together.

The largest cluster resided on what used to be the animal's liver, swollen to nearly twice its usual size.

The organ emitted a foul odor—briny, rotten, and easily detectable despite my thick examination mask. I found myself surprisingly loath to excise the thing, though curiosity quickly conquered disgust.

The halves separated, leaving a hard, round object embedded in one half, not unlike a sliced peach. They revealed a spongy mass of the twisted sinew studded with what appeared to be three broken teeth, and strands of thick gray fur.

The pit stuck in the center of one of the halves. I rolled it over to face upward.

No, not a "pit," but a sightless, yellow, lupine eye. An eye most likely staring skyward. Perhaps, as its cephalic sisters, heavenward toward the Moon.[11]

434 There’s more to Avacyn’s madness… Tamiyo's Journal (Shadows over Innistrad)
546 There’s more to Avacyn’s madness… Tamiyo's Journal (Shadows over Innistrad, #265†a)
643 Hunter's Moon, ~4560 AR Alchemical analysis on the moorlands' cryptolith formations was completed today. It indicates a number of exceptional features of the samples received, including a high surface hardness, and a directional energy field along a twisting axis. Curiously, inspection of the striations suggests a material only recently emerged from the earth. In contrast, crystalline analysis seems to indicate the samples are far older than all other geological formations found within the area.

The strength of the internal lodestone field in each monolith is able to distort local field lines and poles. Over time, we have received more reports of these formations, causing a net migration of our poles to a location just offshore. The disruptive properties of the stones appear to also extend to an ability to warp the flow of mana through the region, with potentially severe effects for beings composed of raw mana—particularly the angels of the plane. Perhaps there's more to Avacyn's madness...[11]

653 Hunter's Moon There’s more to Avacyn’s madness… Tamiyo's Journal (Shadows over Innistrad, #265†b)
711 Hunter's Moon There’s more to Avacyn’s madness… Tamiyo's Journal (Shadows over Innistrad, #265†c)
735 Hunter's Moon The previous week brought reports of continuing increases in werewolf-related fatalities sent by the Gavony Census, which have been confirmed by independent slayers and far exceed the numbers of Jenrik and Lotka's typical predator-prey predictions.

Since then, roads to the observatory have been blockaded, and further information has been difficult to gather. Many of our colleagues have barricaded themselves in their homes and abandoned their work. Resources have thinned, but I remain determined to continue my recordings on their causes.

The feeding behavior of Innistrad's supernatural inhabitants is closely entwined with the regular motions of the heron moon. A celestial conductor, she commands the mysterious motions of the primal heart that lead to transformation or murder with the shifts of her tides.

As our colleagues in Kessig had seen the renewed savagery of lycanthropes, here in Nephalia we too have recorded signs of the moon's unease (see Table 6-32). The oceans themselves have risen to record high tides in addition to a change in their direction—despite experiments performed in triplicate, far exceeding tolerances for measurement error. The gravitational force governing the movement of the tides appears to have shifted from the moon itself to a location very close to the sea.

Recent measurements of moon phase durations have shown asymmetric alterations. The implication is that the moon's orbit itself is being pulled in some direction by a very large, very nearby object still invisible to humanoid eyes.

Curiously, both the tidal vectors and the field distortion provide identical foci that may be traced to the same coordinates—a large reef off the coast of Nephalia.

As candlelight flickers over my pen, I recall the lights of the soratami rites of the New Moon. We had held our festival lanterns in the ways of our forebears, beacons guiding each new moon to rise from the sea of clouds. What fruit will the reef bear to this plane?

Each of my studies seems to blossom into more inquiries. For every answer, three questions...

More questions, endless questions.[11]

Clue (Token, #12)
855 There’s more to Avacyn’s madness… Tamiyo's Journal (Shadows over Innistrad, #265†d)
922 There’s more to Avacyn’s madness… Tamiyo's Journal (Shadows over Innistrad, #265†e)
I’m certain that the fate of Markov Manor is connected to these cryptoliths... Pore Over the Pages
Remember to have Jenrik research Markov Manor. Clue (Token, #14)
In summary of this initial set of observations, our best explanation is the sudden migration of a large celestial Object in increasingly close proximity to Innistrad.

Taken in total, the findings presented in this work support the presence of an object of significant mass. Most likely a new astral body, an eldritch moon of sufficient size as to provide a gravitational pull able to disrupt the normal patterns of both the tides and magical energy.

Future field studies will be arranged to investigate.[11]

Planeswalkers met[]

Planes visited[]


Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Stories and Endings Nik Davidson 2016-05-11 Shadows over Innistrad Innistrad Tamiyo, Jace Beleren, Avacyn
I am Avacyn Doug Beyer 2016-05-18 Shadows over Innistrad Innistrad Tamiyo, Jace Beleren, Avacyn, Sorin Markov
Emrakul Rises Kimberly J. Kreines 2016-06-22 Eldritch Moon Innistrad Nahiri, Emrakul, Alena, Brisela, Jace Beleren, Tamiyo
The Promised End Ken Troop 2016-07-27 Eldritch Moon Innistrad Liliana Vess, Jace Beleren, Gideon Jura, Nissa Revane, Tamiyo, Chandra Nalaar, Emrakul
Release Chris L'Etoile 2016-10-05 Kaladesh Kaladesh, Kamigawa Chandra Nalaar, Nissa Revane, Oviya Pashiri, Ajani Goldmane, Tamiyo, Nashi

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