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Plane New Phyrexia

The Tangle, a huge expanse of copper structures rising out of the metal ground, encased in green verdigris and mold, with wires and metal extensions serving as leaves and vines, is the closest thing to a forest on Mirrodin.[1] An abundance of diverse, mutated organisms live in the Tangle, such as the vorrac [2], the fangren or the slagwurms. The elves make their dwellings in the tree-like metal spires here, under the guidance of the trolls, the keepers of Tel-Jilad. Sylvok druids also inhabit the Tangle.

With the advance of Phyrexia, the tangle is infected by growth of lamina, a species of dark green, fleshy fungus. The floor has become spongy and mossy as the lamina contaminates the metal ground and inches up the trees. The ground seeps a substance like yellowish pus, which emits a rotting stench like overripe fruit. Only the largest beasts can navigate the rotting floor of the Tangle.[3]


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