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Origin Kamigawa
Creator Keisaku
Status Unknown

Tatsumasa (Japanese: (たつ) (まさ) ) was one of the many legendary blades forged by the blacksmith Keisaku on Kamigawa. The famous magical katana is said to contain a Dragon Spirit.

Keisaku was visited by an arrogant young yamabushi who desired a katana so sharp it could cut a promise. Keisaku implied that the yamabushi didn't deserve such a blade, causing the young man to leave in rage. Leaving, the monk told that he would have this blade nonetheless.

Two days later, the blacksmith awoke to find a large bluish bowl of metal on his doorstep, with its lid sealed shut by a lesser metal. Although he didn't know who had sent it, he took it to his smithy to examine it. Before he could do it, however, he developed a fever which caused him to sleep for three days.

Waking up, Keisaku found himself alone in the smithy. The surfaces of his hands were covered by kanji, the embers glowed in the forge and the bowl was missing. Somehow, the yamabushi had bewitched him, forcing him to forge the blade. Twelve years later, Keisaku was visited by the dragon he had bound to the sword.[1]

In-game reference[]

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