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Team events are events in which players compete as three-player teams, but playing individual matches. Teams are paired against other teams similar to how players face other players in individual tournaments, and in most cases, each teammate faces a corresponding player on the other team in a best-of-three-games match, with the first team to earn two match wins taking the round. There are many forms of team events, and these have been a part of sanctioned Magic since the mid-90s.


Team Limited[]

There are two forms of Team Limited: Team Sealed and Team Draft. In Team Sealed, teams typically receive 12 booster packs with which to collectively build three decks. The cards from the packs may be freely distributed between the decks, but once the decks (and sideboards) have been submitted, cards cannot be transferred from one pool to another. Thanks to the extra booster packs opened, Team Sealed decks tend to be more powerful and bomb-heavy than regular Sealed decks.[1]

Team Draft involves two teams drafting against each other and then playing. For the draft portion, members of each team are seated alternately around the table, and no communication between players is allowed. Once the draft is done, players build 40-card decks using the cards they've drafted and any number of basic lands as with normal Booster drafts. Team members are allowed to assist each other during this process; however, unlike with Team Sealed, pools are not shared, meaning that players can only use cards they drafted themselves. Some versions of Team Draft have the teams play each other for multiple rounds, with players facing multiple different or all players from the opposing team; in others, only one round is played. Team Draft decks tend to be less powerful than regular draft decks due to a smaller card pool (18 total booster packs rather than 24) as well as the added incentive of hatedrafting cards so that the opposing team doesn't get them.[2]

Team Limited events have been a part of the professional scene since the 1999–00 season. Pro Tours featuring the format were held every year from 1999 to 2005, and Grand Prix from 2000 to 2005, and again from 2012 and on.

Team Unified Constructed[]

Team Unified Constructed (commonly Standard or Modern) is largely the same as regular Constructed, only that cards other than basic lands may appear in only one of the three decks. For example, in Team Unified Modern, only one player may play Scalding Tarn in their deck. Previously, the rule was that with the exception of basic lands and card that ignores 4-card restriction rule (e.g. Relentless Rats), a team could only play a total of 4 of any given card, but this was changed prior to the 2016 World Magic Cup. The format had been featured first at Grand Prix Madison 2006, and shortly later, as a Pro Tour format in Pro Tour Charleston 2006. It was not used in Premier events until 2013 World Magic Cup, and in the 2016–17 season, it returned as a format in Grand Prix.[3]

Team Trios Constructed[]

In a Team Trios Constructed event, players play decks from three different formats, and face players from other teams playing the same format. In present-day tournaments, the most common format combination is Standard, Modern, and Legacy. This was first featured at the 2011 World Championships, and the concept was picked up by Star City Games, who introduced Team Trios Constructed open events in 2017. In 2018, Team Trios Constructed Grand Prix events are starting, and PT 25th Anniversary in August 2018 will be the first Pro Tour main event to feature the format.[4]


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