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Teferi was a powerful planeswalker. He was the successor of Urza's planeswalker spark and a powerful Blue time manipulator. He specialized in the magics of Phasing, the art of removing something from existence for a period of time and bringing it back in in the same place, untouched later. He is from the Continent of Zhalfir. Many have said that Teferi is the heir to Urza not only in his knowledge and spark, but also in being reckless and headstrong


At the beginning of the Phyrexian invasion, Teferi used his power to "phase out" a large chunk of the continents of Shiv and Zhalfir. In doing this, Teferi protected the bulk of these two Continents but also created large mana-draining rifts where they used to be. In the time spiral story, Teferi helps Shiv phase back into place at the precise moment to save Shiv and destroy the rift above. In destroying the rift, he gave up his planeswalker spark. This leaves him dazed and weak. Because he used his spark to seal the rift above Shiv, he can no longer heal his homeland. The Grieving Pardic, Jeska, comes and forcibly uses the Keldon elf, Radha to seal the rift. As she did this recklessly, she lost most of Zhalfir forever in the warps of time.

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