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Race Human
Birthplace Suq'Ata, Jamuraa, Dominaria
Lifetime Born ~4166 AR
Mirage, Visions

Telim'Tor was the military leader of Suq’Ata on Dominaria.[1] He had a fondness for small artifacts and under his rule many artifacts with curiosity, aesthetic, or tactical value were produced by the artificers of Suq'Ata.


Youngest of four sons born to the Tor, a wealthy and large clan, Telim’Tor and his brothers all joined the Suq’Ata military. Only Telim'Tor and Husam'Tor survived the second year in the army. Telim was a bully, a coercive personality characterized by neither wit nor ingenuity. A great contrast to Husam, a man of strategy and cunning. Telim was angered by the fact that he always stood in Husam's shadow.

When a royal caravan was attacked by goblins and a horde of priceless maps had been looted, Husam’Tor led a strike force into the Ekundu Mountains to recover the maps, but was killed in battle. Telim’Tor seized control, recovering the maps but decimating the troops to one-tenth their original number. Returning to the capital of Suq'Ata, Amiqat, he deceived the government by telling them that Husam had led all to near disaster and that only his quick actions had saved the day. The survivors were silenced by their expectations of a comeuppance, which they received when each was executed the following day. Telim’Tor seized the initiative and soon became the leader of the imperial army.


His name, like many other prerevisionist ones, is an anagram, in this case, for "Mr Toilet".[2]

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