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The Wikipedia deletion policy explains the criteria for deletion and the guide to deletion may help you understand why an article has been nominated.

Deletion Proposal
{{Delete|Reason why this article should be deleted|date=January 2012 (date article was tagged for expansion; optional parameter)}}
Speedy Deletion Proposal (In case of vandalism or similar offences)

Articles for Deletion (AfD) Discussion Etiquette

  • Users participating in AfD discussions are expected to be familiar with the policies of civility and wikiquette.
    • This also applies to the other deletion pages.
  • AfDs are public, and are sometimes quoted in the popular press. Please keep to public-facing levels of civility, just as you should for any edit you make to Wikipedia.
  • Don't make personal attacks against people who disagree with you.
  • Do not make unsourced/unreferenced negative comments about living people, or those not so alive. These may be removed by any editor.
  • Remember that while AfD may look like a voting process, it does not operate like one. Justification and evidence for a response carries far more weight than the response itself. Thus, you should not attempt to structure the AfD process like a vote:
    • Don't add tally boxes to the deletion page.
    • Don't reorder comments on the deletion page to group them by keep/delete/other. Such reordering can disrupt the flow of discussion, polarize an issue, and emphasize vote count or word count.
    • Do not message editors about AfD nominations because they support your view on the topic. This can be seen as votestacking. See Wikipedia:Canvassing for guidelines.

Please attempt to stay civil and not wage personal attacks. Comments are also acceptable.