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This template calls {{WebRef}}.


For referencing episodes of Drive to Work.

{{DriveRef|URL following http://media.wizards.com/podcasts/magic/|episode number|title of podcast|transcript URL following http://dtwtranscripts.blogspot.com/ (if available)}}


N.B.: The author field may be left out when none is given on DailyMTG.com. Alternatively, use Wizards of the Coast.

  • {{{1}}}: The part of the URL following http://media.wizards.com/podcasts/magic/ (e.g., DrivetoWorkEp7Alliances.m4a, drivetowork69odyssey1.mp3).
  • {{{2}}}: The number of the episode.
  • {{{3}}}: The title of the episode, without quotation marks.
  • {{{4}}}: The part of the URL following http://dtwtranscripts.blogspot.com/ (e.g. 2014/08/8114-episode-145-getting-job-in-r.html).
  • {{{date}}}: Date of the podcast.