Featured article/Proposals

This page is for proposal, discussion, and preparation of future featured articles for the Main Page.

If no proposed articles are in a ready state at the beginning of a new week, the previous featured article may remain. Regularly cycling the featured article demonstrates activity on the wiki, and is an important aspect of establishing credibility and respect. There is no deadline for wiki work, but for the front page, we'd prefer to move promptly.

Proposal process

Any editor can suggest an article for inclusion on the main page. To start the process, simply provide the article name within the template for a proposal as follows. Do not link the article name.


Article relevance

In the interests of keeping the featured article topical, you may want to consider the following timeline of recent and upcoming product releases:

Quality assurance

Articles listed on this page will be checked by the community to ensure they meet the criteria for a main page article. You're encouraged to participate throughout the process - it's your idea! A prospective featured article should be well-written and copy-edited, and should be thoroughly cited. Every featured article should also have at least one image that can serve as a thumbnail.

The blurb

Finally, the article needs a blurb. This is the short introduction that will be presented on the main page. It should be two to three paragraphs in length, include the thumbnail image, and be written to engage the interest of visitors. It also presents the last quality criteria for a featured article: the article should be long enough that the blurb doesn't cover the entire topic. Readers need a reason to click through to the article!

To create the blurb, start a new subpage of the article at Your Article/Feature blurb. A link to that subpage will be created within the proposal checklist even if it doesn't exist.

Wrapping up

At the beginning of the new week, admins will check the list of proposed articles. If a proposed article meets these criteria, it should appear on the main page! Any proposals for a week that aren't yet ready will be moved to the list of proposals for the following week. Proposals can continue to remain on the list until they're ready, or until the community decides that the article is unlikely to meet the main page criteria in the foreseeable future and retracts the proposal.

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