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This template places a {{hatnote}} (italicized note for use above the main article) optionally referring readers to a page they might have been trying to get to instead of the current one.


{{For|its creator known by the same name|Dakkon Blackblade}}


For its creator known by the same name, see Dakkon Blackblade.


The first parameter (required) is a description of the other page being referenced. If it is the only parameter provided, the note will refer to the disambiguation page for the term on the current page, and the parameter should be a phrase that references other uses of the name, like "characters and places named Markov" or simply "other uses". See also the simpler {{Otheruses}}.

The second parameter (recommended) is the exact name of the page to link to (without any link formatting). If not provided, it links to the disambiguation page for the current page's name.

The third parameter (optional) is the display text for the link, if different from the exact name of the page being linked.

See also {{About}} to include a brief description of the current page (to differentiate it from the pages being referred to) and/or multiple links to alternate pages. That template can mimic this one exactly.