Infobox action

Infobox action
Keyword Action
Introduced [[]]
Last Used [[]]
Reminder Text Infobox action ({{{reminder}}})
Scryfall Search
oracle:"Infobox action"


{{Infobox action
| name = (optional, if different from page name)
| first = 
| first_mech = (optional, use to identify when the action's mechanic was introduced, even if it wasn't a keyword yet (such as Fear or Shroud)
| last = (optional, if different from first)
| reminder =
| stats =
| something = (optional, if the reminder text refers to something different then keyword, i.g. Manifest)
| noreminder = (optional, if there is no official reminder text)
| search = (optional, use to refine gatherer search. May be wrapped in double straight quotation marks if whitespace is needed at the beginning or end of the search term, e.g. "enchant ")
| N = (optional, shows if the action does use a number after its name)
| cost = (optional, shows if the action does have an activated cost)
| cost_alt = (optional, shows if the action does have a cost after its name)
| singular = (optional, if N values of 1 have a different reminder text) 
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