Infobox set

Infobox set
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Displays the pagename in italics.


{{Infobox set
  |name = 
  |image = 
  |image_bgcolor = 
  |nosymbol = 
  |symbol = 
  |symbol_description = 
  |design = 
  |development = 
  |art = 
  |release =  
  |location =
  |mechanics = 
  |keywords = 
  |size = 
  |code_expansion = 
  |code_expansion_ref = 
  |code_expansion_explain = 
  |code_development = 
  |series = 
  |first = 
  |second = 
  |third = 
  |previous = 
  |next = 


{{Infobox set
  |name = Defaults to PAGENAME. Can usually be deleted. 
  |image = Name of the image file.
  |image_bgcolor = Defaults to transparent, but can be set to any color to make the image better visible.
  |nosymbol = Set to 1 if the set has no symbol.
  |symbol = Defaults to code_expansion, but sometimes no such code exists or the symbol name deviates from the code. Can usually be deleted.
  |symbol_description = Describes what the symbol represents.
  |design = The design team, if applicable.
  |development = The development team, if applicable. 
  |art = The art director(s), if applicable. 
  |release = The date of release, if applicable. 
  |location = The plane(s) the set takes place on, or the region(s) within a particular plane.
  |mechanics = Mechanics utilized in the set, if applicable. 
  |keywords = Prominently featured keywords and ability words, if applicable. 
  |size = Set size and rarity breakdown.
  |code_expansion = The 3 letter release code.
  |code_expansion_ref = Reference for the 3 letter release code.
  |code_expansion_explain = Explanation if the 3 letter release code is rather cryptic. Can usually be deleted.
  |code_development = The development code of the set, if applicable. 
  |series = Name of the series or block, if the set is part of one.
  |first = Link to the first set in the series, if the series contains only 3 items. If it has more items, the previous set in the series should be linked.
  |second = The set after first.
  |third = The set after second.
  |previous = Link to the chronologically previous set name.  
  |next = Link to the chronologically next set name. 


For Return to Ravnica, for example, the infobox expansion is:

{{Infobox set
 |image = RTR logo.png
 |design = [[Ken Nagle]] (lead),<br/>[[Zac Hill]],<br/>[[Alexis Janson]],<br/>[[Mark Rosewater]],<br/>[[Ken Troop]]<ref group="note">With contributions from [[Mark Gottlieb]], [[Ethan Fleischer]], [[Shawn Main]], and [[Billy Moreno]], who designed 11 cards, namely, <c>Bazaar Krovod</c>, <c>Chronic Flooding</c>, <c>Codex Shredder</c>, <c>Oak Street Innkeeper, <c>Rogue's Passage</c>, <c>Search the City</c>, <c>Security Blockade</c>, <c>Street Sweeper</c>, <c>Tavern Swindler</c>, <c>Underworld Connections</c>, and <c>Urban Burgeoning</c>.</ref>
 |development= [[Erik Lauer]] (lead),<br/>Zac Hill,<br/>[[Dave Humpherys]],<br/>[[Tom LaPille]],<br/>[[Adam Lee]],<br/>[[Billy Moreno]],<br/>[[Shawn Main]]
 |art = [[Jeremy Jarvis]]
 |release = October 5, 2012
 |location = [[Ravnica (plane)|Ravnica]]
 |mechanics = [[Gate]]s,<br/>[[Guilds of Ravnica|Guilds]],<br/>[[Hybrid mana]]
 |keywords = [[Detain]],<br/>[[Overload]],<br/>[[Populate]],<br/>[[Scavenge]],<br/>[[Unleash]]
 |size = 274 cards<br/><small>(25 basic lands, 101 commons, 80 uncommons, 53 rares, 15 mythic rares)</small>
 |code_expansion = RTR
 |code_expansion_ref = <ref>[ Product page]</ref>
 |code_development = Hook
 |series = [[Return to Ravnica block]]
 |first = [[Return to Ravnica]]
 |second = [[Gatecrash]]
 |third = [[Dragon's Maze]]
 |previous = [[Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari]]
 |next = [[Commander's Arsenal]]
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