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Keyrune is a font developed by Andrew Gioia, which is utilized in the mtg wiki to display magic expansion symbols.


This template is meant to ease the use of keyrune in the wiki and has four parameter:

  • unnamed parameter — Comma-separated list of 3-letter expansion codes of the set icons you want to display. Check out this page for a complete list of possible codes. Sometimes the code listed on the page deviates from the official 3 letter code. If that is the case, the official 3 letter code was added to the css so it works as well.
  • rarity — Defaults to common. Set the parameter can be set to 'u' or 'uncommon', 'r' or 'rare', 'm' or 'mythic' or 'mythic rare', 't' or 'time' or 'timeshifted', or 'f' or 'foil' to display the respective rarity.
  • size — Defaults to 1.5; font size in em.
  • fixed — Can be set to 1 to display the symbol on a fixed width.
  • grad — Can be set to 1 to display a gradient to better capture the look of higher rarities.

Updating the font

Font updates are available via content delivery network.

The keyrune.css has to be updated it match the latest version available here.