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| 2000-09 || ''[[Invasion]]'' || align="center"|[[File:INV symbol.png|100x21px]] || INV (IN) || Expansion set || 21<sup>st</sup> expansion
| 2000-09 || ''[[Invasion]]'' || align="center"|[[File:INV symbol.png|100x21px]] || INV (IN) || Expansion set || 21<sup>st</sup> expansion
| 2000-10 || ''[[Beatdown]]'' || align="center"|[[File:BTD symbol.jpg|100x21px]] || BTD || Box set ||
| 2000-10 || ''[[Beatdown]]'' || align="center"|[[File:BTD symbol.png|100x21px]] || BTD || Box set ||
| 2001-01 || ''[[Planeshift]]'' || align="center"|[[File:PLS symbol.png|100x21px]] || PLS (PL) || Expansion set || 22<sup>nd</sup> expansion
| 2001-01 || ''[[Planeshift]]'' || align="center"|[[File:PLS symbol.png|100x21px]] || PLS (PL) || Expansion set || 22<sup>nd</sup> expansion

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The following is a chronological list of all Magic: The Gathering expansions and sets released thus far.

Released Set Symbol Code Type Notes
1993-08 Alpha (Limited Edition) LEA (A) Core set Advanced-level Template:Core set #1 (1st printing)
1993-10 Beta (Limited Edition) LEB (B) Core set Advanced-level core set #1 (2nd printing)
1993-12 Unlimited Edition 2ED (U) Core set Advanced-level core set #2
1993-12 Arabian Nights 100x21px ARN (AN) Expansion set 1st (non-block) Expert-level expansion
1994-03 Antiquities 100x21px ATQ (AQ) Expansion set 2nd (non-block) expansion
1994-04 Revised Edition 3ED (RV) Core set Advanced-level core set #3
1994-06 Legends 100x21px LEG (LE) Expansion set 3rd (non-block) expansion
1994-08 The Dark 100x21px DRK (DK) Expansion set 4th (non-block) expansion
1994-11 Fallen Empires 100x21px FEM (FE) Expansion set 5th (non-block) expansion
1995-05 4th Edition 4ED (4E) Core set Advanced-level core set #4
1995-06 Ice Age 100x21px ICE (IA) Expansion set 6th expansion
1995-07 Chronicles 100x21px CHR (CH) Compilation set
1995-08 Renaissance Compilation set
1995-10 Homelands 100x21px HML (HL) Expansion set 7th (non-block) expansion
1996-06 Alliances 100x21px ALL (AL) Expansion set 8th expansion
1996-10 Mirage 100x21px MIR (MI) Expansion set 9th expansion
1997-02 Visions 100x21px VIS (VI) Expansion set 10th expansion
1997-03 5th Edition 100x21px 5ED (5E) Core set Advanced-level core set #5
1997-05 Portal 100x21px POR (PO) Starter set Starter-level set #1
1997-06 Weatherlight 100x21px WTH (WL) Expansion set 11th expansion
1997-10 Tempest 100x21px TMP (TE) Expansion set 12th expansion
1998-02 Stronghold 100x21px STH (ST) Expansion set 13th expansion
1998-06 Exodus 100x21px EXO (EX) Expansion set 14th expansion
1998-06 Portal Second Age 100x21px PO2 (P2) Starter set Starter-level set #2
1998-08 Unglued 100x21px UGL (UG) Un-set Un-set #1
1998-10 Urza's Saga 100x21px USG (US) Expansion set 15th expansion
1998-11 Anthologies ATH Box set Box set set #1
1999-02 Urza's Legacy 100x21px ULG (UL) Expansion set 16th expansion
1999-04 6th Edition 100x21px 6ED (6E) Core set Advanced-level core set #6
1999-06 Urza's Destiny 100x21px UDS (UD) Expansion set 17th expansion
1999-07 Portal Three Kingdoms 100x21px PTK (P3) Starter set Starter-level set #3
1999-08 Starter 1999 100x21px S99 Starter set Starter-level set #4
1999-09 Mercadian Masques 100x21px MMQ (MM) Expansion set 18th expansion
1999-11 Battle Royale BRB Box set
2000-02 Nemesis 100x21px NEM (NM) Expansion set 19th expansion
2000-04 Starter 2000 S00 Starter set Starter-level set #5
2000-06 Prophecy 100x21px PCY (PR) Expansion set 20th expansion
2000-09 Invasion 100x21px INV (IN) Expansion set 21st expansion
2000-10 Beatdown 100x21px BTD Box set
2001-01 Planeshift 100x21px PLS (PL) Expansion set 22nd expansion
2001-04 7th Edition 100x21px 7ED (7E) Core set Advanced-level core set #7
2001-05 Apocalypse 100x21px APC (AP) Expansion set 23rd expansion
2001-09 Odyssey 100x21px ODY (OD) Expansion set 24th expansion
2001-12 Deckmasters 2001 100x21px DKM Box set
2002-02 Torment 100x21px TOR (TO) Expansion set 25th expansion
2002-05 Judgment 100x21px JUD (JU) Expansion set 26th expansion
2002-10 Onslaught 100x21px ONS (ON) Expansion set 27th expansion
2003-01 Legions 100x21px LGN (LE) Expansion set 28th expansion
2003-05 Scourge 100x21px SCG (SC) Expansion set 29th expansion
2003-07 8th Edition 100x21px 8ED (8E) Core set Advanced-level core set #8
2003-10 Mirrodin 100x21px MRD Expansion set 30th expansion
2004-02 Darksteel 100x21px DST Expansion set 31st expansion
2004-06 Fifth Dawn 100x21px 5DN Expansion set 32nd expansion
2004-10 Champions of Kamigawa 100x21px CHK Expansion set 33rd expansion
2004-11 Unhinged 100x21px UNH Un-set Un-set #2
2005-02 Betrayers of Kamigawa 100x21px BOK Expansion set 34th expansion
2005-06 Saviors of Kamigawa 100x21px SOK Expansion set 35th expansion
2005-07 9th Edition 100x21px 9ED Core set Advanced-level core set #9
2005-10 Ravnica: City of Guilds 100x21px RAV Expansion set 36th expansion
2006-02 Guildpact 100x21px GPT Expansion set 37th expansion
2006-05 Dissension 100x21px DIS Expansion set 38th expansion
2006-07 Coldsnap 100x21px CSP Expansion set 39th expansion
2006-10 Time Spiral 100x21px TSP/TSB Expansion set 40th expansion
2007-02 Planar Chaos 100x21px PLC Expansion set 41st expansion
2007-05 Future Sight 100x21px FUT Expansion set 42nd expansion
2007-07 10th Edition 100x21px 10E Core set Advanced-level core set #10
2007-09 Masters Edition 100x21px MED Compilation set Magic Online-only set #1
2007-10 Lorwyn 100x21px LRW Expansion set 43rd expansion
2007-11 Duel Decks: Elves vs. Goblins 100x21px EVG Box set DD set #1
2008-02 Morningtide 100x21px MOR Expansion set 44th expansion
2008-05 Shadowmoor 100x21px SHM Expansion set 45th expansion
2008-06 Eventide 100x21px EVE Expansion set 46th expansion
2008-08 From the Vault: Dragons 100x21px DRB Box set FtV set #1
2008-09 Masters Edition II 100x21px ME2 Compilation set MO-only set #2
2008-09 Shards of Alara 100x21px ALA Expansion set 47th expansion
2008-11 Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra 100x21px DD2 Box set DD set #2
2009-02 Conflux 100x21px CON Expansion set 48th expansion
2009-04 Duel Decks: Divine vs. Demonic 100x21px DDC Box set DD set #3
2009-04 Alara Reborn 100x21px ARB Expansion set 49th expansion
2009-07 Magic 2010 100x21px M10 Core set Advanced-level core set #11
2009-08 Commander Theme Decks Box set MO only
2009-08 From the Vault: Exiled 100x21px V09 Box set FtV set #2
2009-09 Planechase (2009) 100x21px HOP Supplemetal set
2009-09 Masters Edition III 100x21px ME3 Compilation set MO-only set #3
2009-10 Zendikar 100x21px ZEN Expansion set 50th expansion
2009-10 Duel Decks: Garruk vs. Liliana 100x21px DDD Box set DD set #4
2009-11 Premium Deck Series: Slivers H09 symbol.png H09 Box set PDS set #1
2010-02 Worldwake 100x21px WWK Expansion set 51st expansion
2010-03 Duel Decks: Phyrexia vs. The Coalition 100x21px DDE Box set DD set #5
2010-04 Rise of the Eldrazi 100x21px ROE Expansion set 52nd expansion
2010-05 Deck Builder's Toolkit (2010) Box set
2010-06 Duels of the Planeswalkers 100x21px Box set Inspired by the digital game
2010-06 Archenemy 100x21px ARC Supplemental set
2010-07 Magic 2011 100x21px M11 Core set Advanced-level core set #12
2010-08 From the Vault: Relics 100x21px V10 Box set FtV set #3
2010-09 Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Tezzeret 100x21px DDF Box set DD set #6
2010-10 Scars of Mirrodin 100x21px SOM Expansion set 53rd expansion
2010-11 Premium Deck Series: Fire & Lightning 100x21px PD2 Box set PDS set #2
2011-01 Masters Edition IV 100x21px ME4 Compilation set MO-only set #4
2011-02 Mirrodin Besieged 100x21px MBS Expansion set 54th expansion
2011-03 Deck Builder's Toolkit 2011 Box set
2011-04 Duel Decks: Knights vs. Dragons 100x21px DDG Box set DD set #7
2011-05 New Phyrexia 100x21px NPH Expansion set 55th expansion
2011-06 Commander (2011) 100x21px CMD Box set
2011-07 Magic 2012 100x21px M12 Core set Advanced-level core set #13
2011-08 From the Vault: Legends 100x21px V11 Box set FtV set #4
2011-09 Duel Decks: Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas 100x21px DDH Box set DD set #8
2011-09 Innistrad 100x21px ISD Expansion set 56th expansion
2011-11 Premium Deck Series: Graveborn 100x21px PD3 Box set PDS set #3
2012-02 Dark Ascension 100x21px DKA Expansion set 57th expansion
2012-03 Duel Decks: Venser vs. Koth 100x21px DDI Box set DD set #9
2012-05 Avacyn Restored 100x21px AVR Expansion set 58th expansion
2012-05 Planechase (2012) 100x21px PC2 Supplemental set
2012-07 Magic 2013 100x21px M13 Core set Advanced-level core set #14
2012-07 Deck Builder's Toolkit 2012 Box set
2012-08 From the Vault: Realms 100x21px V12 Box set FtV set #5
2012-09 Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari 100x21px DDJ Box set DD set #10
2012-10 Return to Ravnica 100x21px RTR Expansion set 59th expansion
2012-11 Commander's Arsenal 100x21px CMA Box set
2013-02 Gatecrash 100x21px GTC Expansion set 60th expansion
2013-03 Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt 100x21px SVT Box set DD set #11
2013-05 Dragon's Maze 100x21px DGM Expansion set 61st expansion
2013-06 Modern Masters (2013) 100x21px MM1 Compilation set MM set #1
2013-07 Magic 2014 100x21px M14 Core set Advanced-level core set #15
2013-07 Deck Builder's Toolkit 2014 Box set
2013-08 From the Vault: Twenty 100x21px V13 Box set FtV set #6
2013-09 Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters 100x21px HVM Box set DD set #12
2013-09 Theros 100x21px THS Expansion set 62nd expansion
2013-11 Commander 2013 100x21px C13 Box set
2014-02 Born of the Gods 100x21px BNG Expansion set 63rd expansion
2014-03 Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska 100x21px DDM Box set DD set #13
2014-05 Journey into Nyx 100x21px JOU Expansion set 64th expansion
2014-05 Modern Event Deck 100x21px MED Box Set
2014-06 Conspiracy 100x21px CNS Supplemental set
2014-06 Vintage Masters 100x21px VMA Compilation set MO-only set #5
2014-07 Magic 2015 100x21px M15 Core set Advanced-level core set #16
2014-07 Deck Builder's Toolkit 2015 Box set
2014-08 From the Vault: Annihilation 100x21px ANH Box set FtV set #7
2014-10 Duel Decks: Speed vs. Cunning 100x21px DDN Box set DD set #14
2014-10 Khans of Tarkir 100x21px KTK Expansion set 65th expansion
2014-11 Commander 2014 100x21px C14 Box set
2014-12 Duel Decks Anthology DD3 Box set DD reprint set
2015-01 Fate Reforged 100x21px FRF Expansion Set 66th expansion
2015-02 Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Kiora 100x21px DDO Box set DD set #15
2015-03 Dragons of Tarkir 100x21px DTK Expansion set 67th expansion
2015-05 Tempest Remastered 100x21px TPR Compilation set MO-only set #6
2015-05 Modern Masters 2015 100x21px MM2 Compilation set MM set #2
2015-07 Magic Origins 100x21px ORI Core set Advanced-level core set #17. Last Core set
2015-08 From the Vault: Angels 100x21px V15 Box set FtV set #8
2015-08 Duel Decks: Zendikar vs. Eldrazi 100x21px DDP Box set DD set #16
2015-10 Battle for Zendikar 100x21px BZE Expansion Set 68th expansion