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Navigation through the set of portal pages. Lotta broken links until we get stuff up and running.

Hierarchy of topics

This list of topics is an attempt to establish broad areas of interest that might deserve portal pages, and may help in building navigation linking topics at a similar nesting depth. Top-level list entries (Rules, Metagame, etc) should be broad topics on which a Table of Contents navigation page could be made.

Please feel free to edit this page with improvements.

  • Rules
    • Gameplay (This meta article needs to be written)
      • Turn structure
      • Card types
      • Colors
      • Zones
      • Keywords
    • Rules changes
  • Metagame (this is heavily tied to rules, but independent, I think) (This meta article needs to be written)
    • Formats
    • Deck archetypes
    • Rules changes (repeated, is listed above –Tmr)
    • Banned & Restricted Announcements
  • Magic community (major community projects)
    • Any major community sites, podcasts, etc go here? Or their own category? (podcasts? –Tmr)
  • Products
    • Magic sets (should main magic publication line)
    • Duel Decks (I would move this under Supplementary products -Sene, I have thought about this. The reason why I kept this separate is that dual decks contain completely standard legal cards, but are not reprint products but more pre-print products. The supplemental releases contain cards which are never standard or modern legal like Arcane Lighthouse for example - YS)
    • Supplemental releases (Commander series, Archenemy, Conspiracy, Vanguard, Planechase, Un-sets)(supplemental, not casual - I want to be careful about that word, it's too easily read as a perjorative)
    • Magic Online
    • Magic Duels
    • Reprint sets (Modern Masters, Premium Deck Series, From the Vault, etc.)
    • Posters, miniatures, card binders - any licensed merchandise
  • Production
    • Wizards of the Coast
    • Developer/designer pages
    • Blogatog (GavInsight/A Voice for Vorthos/Snarkham Asylum)
    • Twitters
    • DailyMTG (this is outdated. Now is Articles. –Tmr)
    • Magic (what? why this article here? –Tmr)
    • Printing practices (maybe crosses with metagame, but pack counting is fringe/hardcore? - I would move this to products - YS)
    • Printing companies, and anyone else in the supply chain for something in products, above
  • Events
    • FNM
    • Prereleases
    • Planeswalker Points
    • Judging
    • Professional Play
      • Grand Prix
      • Pro Tour
      • World Championship
      • World Magic Cup
      • Hall of Fame
      • Player of the Year
      • Rookie of the Year
      • Professional Players
  • Lore/Flavor/Creative
    • Official Magic Fiction
    • Planeswalkers
    • Main Planes [a few major settings - anything that's been Return'd probably counts? (Agreed -YS) (Agreed -Tmr) (Sounds Good -Jay)]
      • Dominaria
      • New Phyrexia
      • Ravnica
      • Zendikar
      • Innistrad
    • Color philosophy (The problem I see here is we have the White, Black, etc. articles but these would need a major clean up. Color Pie is also our rules article about color. -YS) (We can probably cut this - Jay)
    • Timeline (This is significantly less useful post-mending - Jay)
    • Pre-Revision continuity