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This template is used for official product information pages of Magic: The Gathering expansions and sets.

For product pages with URLs in the standard form


{{Prodpage|name-of-set-in-URL|set name}}

For example, link to the Mercadian Masques product page with

{{Prodpage|mercadian-masques|Mercadian Masques}}

For nonstandard URLs (for example, the Unglued product page), find the "node" ID number, and, use

{{Prodpage|node=id|set name}}

substituting out id for the ID number you found. To link to the Unglued product page, for example, first find that the node ID of the page is 115080, then use


The majority of product page URLS use the standard form with "card-set-archive" in the URL. More recent sets are in the /en/content/ directory on the website. All pages on appear to have a "short" version, with a node form; unless proven otherwise, it can be expected that this is a canonical URL that will be resistant to website redesigns and linkrot over time, so use of the node syntax is encouraged.