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This template is meant to make the statistical breakdown by color easier and more consistent across the wiki.

The template calculates the total and the percentage breakdown.


  • {{{1}}} (optional) If there should be a descriptor before the word "cards" (e.g. XX morph cards).
    • If set to split the number of whole cards will be calculated as well.
    • If set to meld or "partner with" the number of pais will be calculated as well.
  • {{{state}}} (optional) Can be set to "collapsed" to start in a collapsed state.

Each of the following parameter requires the number of cards of that certain characteristic:

  • {{{C}}} Colorless non-artifact non-land cards (e.g. Eldrazi)
  • Monocolored cards
  • Hybrid or Twocolored cards
    • {{{WU}}} White/Blue
    • {{{UB}}} Blue/Black
    • {{{BR}}} Black/Red
    • {{{RG}}} Red/Green
    • {{{GW}}} Green/White
    • {{{WB}}} White/Black
    • {{{UR}}} Blue/Red
    • {{{BG}}} Black/Green
    • {{{RW}}} Red/White
    • {{{GU}}} Green/Blue
  • {{{M}}} Multicolored cards
  • {{{A}}} Colorless artifacts
  • {{{L}}} Lands


Code: {{stats|C=1|W=2|U=3|B=4|R=5|G=6|M=7|A=8|L=9}}


45 cards
{C} 2.2% {W} 4.4% {U} 6.7% {B} 8.9% {R} 11.1% {G} 13.3% {M} 15.6% {artifact symbol} 17.8% {land symbol} 20%