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This template is used to write one of the token templates.


  1. The first parameter must always be {{{type|}}}, to pass that parameter through.
  2. The second parameter is the main creature type. For example, on {{Angel tokens}}, this is Angel.

Then, write one row per distinct token, with 6 parameters each:

  • Colors, e.g. WUBRG or C.
  • The token's supertypes and types. If left empty, defaults to Creature.
  • The token's power and toughness. Leave empty for noncreature tokens. A token with a characteristic-defining ability should use */*, while a token whose power and toughness are set based on a variable when created should use X/X.
  • Rules text, if any.
  • Cards that create this token, as a bullet list. Use <c> tags.
  • The set codes of the sets where a physical token card of this token was printed, chronologically by release date and separated with commas. For example, BNG,C15 if the token was printed in Born of the Gods and Commander 2015.

Up to 25 rows are currently supported.

Optional parameters are:

  • {{{extra}}}: an additional creature type to list after {{{1}}}.
  • {{{extra2}}}: an additional creature type to list after {{{extra}}}.
  • {{{name}}}: for tokens whose names are different from their creature types. Optionally with a link to an article about the character.
  • {{{ref}}}: for references to be displayed after the token name.


{{token list item/row}}