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One of the Ivory Towers of Terisia City. Art by Margaret Organ-Keen.

Terisia City, also referred to as The Ivory Towers, was the oldest and most advanced city-state on Terisiare at the time of the Brothers' War on Dominaria. It was located far to the west of the continent and notable for its beauty.

Terisia City was surrounded by thick, white-marble walls and all manner of carved creatures adorned the stonework. The rooftops were made of crystal and stained glass. High, decorated Ivory Towers circled the place, and within them ballistae and other protective weapons were housed. The city also was home the Ivory Tower, an order of bookkeepers also named after its famed structures.

Mishra became inclined to put the region under his control when he reached a stalemate with Urza in the east. He tried diplomacy with the city council to gain their favor, but was denied any support. His armies were then sent to besiege Terisia City for their refusal. Fortunately, the Terisian defenses were implacable, and held the Fallaji at bay for months. Unarmed civilians were slowly moved out of the city, while the Union sought magical knowledge with which to combat their foes. It is possible that the Fallaji would have been permanently stalled if it had not been for the Gixians who were welcomed into the Order of the Ivory Towers. They finally betrayed the city, and opened the gates to the onslaught. Hurkyl died as one of the defenders, casting a spell that would be named in memory of her - Hurkyl's Recall - to destroy Mishra's dragon engines. Terisia City was sacked by forces under the command of Ashnod, burned to cinders, and its lingering citizens were held captive by this dreaded Uncaring butcher.

The ultimate fate of Terisia City is not known. It can be assumed that it was eventually destroyed. It is believed that its ruins lie in the current day Kovrian Wastelands.[1]


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