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Race Aven
Birthplace Otaria, Dominaria
Lifetime Birth unknown, died 4305 AR
'Chainer's Torment'

Major Teroh was an Aven leader of the Order on Otaria (Dominaria). He came to power following the simultaneous deaths of previous leader Pianna and her next successor Kirtar. One of the most warlike members of the Order, Teroh organized an ill-planned crusade against the Cabal.

In reprisal, the Cabal sent Chainer to assassinate him (he had a personal grudge against him, because he killed his master Skellum in a pit-fight), who used a Shambling Swarm to release flesh-eating insects into a Samite hospital where Teroh was residing, killing the Major, the other Order troops recovering there and many innocent Samite healers.

Teroh was succeeded as Order leader by Commander Eesha.

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