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That Which Was Taken
Origin Kamigawa
Creator O-Kagachi
User Konda
Status Transformed into Kyodai

That Which Was Taken (or the Taken One; Japanese: (うば) われし () (もつ) ; rōmaji: Ubawareshi Gomotsu) was the child of the supreme kami O-Kagachi, imprisoned by the daimyo Konda in a stone disc with the carving of a dragon.[1]


Trying to reclaim That Which Was Taken, the denizens of the spirit world attacked the physical world, and thus started the Kami War. Its spiritual powers made Konda indestructible, and gave him foresight powers.

The spirit was later stolen from Eiganjo by Toshiro Umezawa, who ultimately performed a ritual with it to free the spirit trapped within. The spirit assumed a humanoid/draconic appearance similar to Michiko Konda, and took the name Kyodai. With Michiko, they defeated both Konda and O-Kagachi, and worked together to finally stop the war.

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