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The Abyss. Art by Pete Venters.

The Abyss is popularly thought to be a void between planes. It may be synonymous to the Nether Void, the Aether and/or the Blind Eternities. On the other hand, it may be synonymous to Hell, because it is populated with demons. Brady Dommermuth has implied that it indeed is a plane.[1]


  • The Wretched, beings who enslave the wills of their enemies, are reputed to come from the Abyss. Their touch means loss of self, and is followed by a lifetime of base servitude.[2]
  • Liana of Minorad and Ravidel battled there, resulting in Liana's death.[3]
  • It was also here that Greensleeves banished the evil creature Ur-Drago.[4]

War in the Abyss[]

  • The Elder Demon Belzenlok fought in something called "The War in the Abyss", and had been stuck in the Abyss ever since. The Cabal, desperate for leadership, performed a ritual to summon Kuberr, but accidentally freed Belzenlok from the Abyss.[5][6]

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