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The Colors of Magic
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Publishing Information
Author(s) Jess Lebow (ed.)
First printing February 1, 1999
ISBN-13 978-0786913237
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The Myths of Magic

The Colors of Magic is a Magic: The Gathering anthology of stories published in February 1999, as the first in a series of five. It features stories by various writers. It was edited by Jess Lebow.[1]


The Brothers' struggle for power has ended ...
Argoth is decimated ...
Tidal waves have turned canyons into rivers ...
Earthquakes leveled the cities ...
Dominaria is in ruins.
Now the struggle for this war-torn world is to survive.

List of stories[]

  • Goblinology, by Francis Lebaron
    • A "scientific" article written by the not-very-respected archaeologist Armand Ar-Basinno. Its a humorous piece in which Ar-Bassino mistakes a goblin's description of a ball game called cricket (but otherwise almost identical to American football) for some intricate religious ritual.
  • The Crucible of the Orcs, by Don Perrin
  • Dark Water, by Vance Moore
    • After the World Spell, two cousins commit dark acts by an equally dark and murky lake...
  • Expeditions to the End of the World, by J. Robert King
    • The seafarer Crucias takes wealthy nobles to Argoth. His passengers get more than they pay for as they firsthand witness the Sylex Blast.
  • The Mirror of Yesterday, by Jonathan Tweet
    • A guy called Damon fails his apprentice test to become a wizard. When an assassin, he uses a magic mirror to save the day, and realizes he is already a wizard.
  • Bound in Shallows, by Kevin T. Stein
  • An unnamed protagonist is engaged in the shady business of summoning creatures and having cockfights with them for gamblers.
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