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The Dark
Publishing Information
Author(s) Kathy Ice, Beverly Marshall Saling, & Rick Saling Marshall
First printing July 1994
First appeared in The Duelist, Summer 1994
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The Dark, also known as The Lure of the Dark, is a short story written by Kathy Ice, Beverly Marshall Saling, and Rick Saling Marshall. It was published in the second issue of The Duelist to introduce readers to The Dark.[1]


In the first scene, Mindrel tries to talk Brand out of learning the secrets of dark magic as he prepares to defend the outer ring of planes he controls. Brand hears her but dismisses her advice. In the second scene, Mindrel follows up to check on her friend, only to find his home refuge corrupted and lifeless. She realizes that she, too, will need to defend her outer ring soon, and hopes she won't resort to dark magic she can't control.[1]


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