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The Duelist #16 (April 1997)

The Duelist was a magazine published by Wizards of the Coast from 1994 to September 1999 for 41 issues.[1] Originally it was a quarterly magazine but later it switched to bi-monthly, and then to monthly. The Duelist Online was introduced in May 1999.[2] The magazine and the site can be considered the analog and digital precursors of

Editorial staff[]

  • Publisher: Wendy Noritake
  • Editor-in-Chief: Kathryn Haines (1993-1996), Paul Hughes (1996); Mark Rosewater (1997-1999); Will McDermott (1999)
  • Assistant Editor-in-Chief: Robert Hahn (1998)
  • Managing Editor: Terry Melia (1996-1997), Scott McGough (1998-)
  • Senior Editors: Paul Hughes (1993-1996), Jeff J. Lin (1994-1996), Melody Alder (1996-1997), Will McDermott (1997-1999)
  • Associate Editors: Allen Varney (1994), Michael G. Ryan (1994-1995), Jenny Scott (1996-1997), Jennifer Clarke-Wilkes (1997), Cory Herndon (1998-1999), Michael Mikaelian (1999)
  • Art Director: Amy Weber (1993-1996), Shauna Wolf Narciso (1996-1997)
  • Style Editor: Robert Dalton (1997-1998), Blaise Selby (1998-1999)


Mox Dragon of the Lotus from "Extra Pulled"

The Duelist brought the latest news on Magic and other trading card games, puzzles, event coverage, design articles, a deck-construction column called "Excuse Me, Mr. Suitcase?", fiction, product checklists, rules questions and a column by Richard Garfield ("Lost in the Shuffle"[3][4]). Early issues featured a key artist who created a unique cover (often based on an existing card) and whose art was showcased inside the issue.[5] In addition to all that "important" stuff, there were various articles and regular features showing off the lighter side of Magic. One enduring feature was "Extra Pulled", featuring "rejected" Magic cards allegedly pulled from sets in development.[6] Phil Foglio and his wife Kaja resurrected Phil's former Dragon strip "What's New?", which ran for almost the entire life of the magazine.

As Magic grew, a companion newsletter (The Duelist Companion), which was the Official Newsletter of the Duelists' Convocation / DCI, was sent out to The Duelist subscribers in between magazine releases. The Duelist Companion was published from May 1994 till March 1996 (19 issues).[7] Eventually it was dropped in favor of bimonthly magazine circulation, and still later a monthly magazine. The magazine lost focus on Magic as it put more emphasis on other trading card games; with Pokémon's immediate North American success, The Duelist was converted into a dual-format publication, with general separate sections for Magic and Pokémon. By this time, it also had expanded to covering video games and other stuff.

A companion magazine, The Duelist Sideboard was launched in July 1996 and focused on Magic tournament play. The Duelist Online website, launched in May 1999, was designed for breaking news. It featured articles from recent issues the Sideboard and also exclusive content.[2]


Duelist was replaced by the magazine TopDeck which continued many of its features while broadening the focus even more to non-Magic games.[8][9] This magazine lasted for fifteen issues until it was cancelled in February, 2001.[10]


Issue Date Cover Featured Sets Flavor Articles Other articles and extras of note
#0 August 1993 - Alpha Worzel’s Story, by Richard Garfield Designer’s Notes, by Richard Garfield
#1 Winter 1993/1994 Original art
by Anson Maddocks
Arabian Nights Arabian Nights Introduction
A Conversation with Richard Garfield
Duel for Dominia, by Steve Bishop
The Duelist: An Inaugural Address, by Peter Adkison
The Expanding Universe: The Philosophy of Expansion Sets, by Richard Garfield
An Interview With Anson, by Pete Venters[11]
Murmurs from Dominia, by Lisa Stevens
A History of the Arabian Nights, by Beverly Marshall Saling
Suppl. May 1994 Original art
by Amy Weber
Revised Edition
A History of the Antiquities War, by Kathy Ice A Guide to Changes in the Revised Edition, by Kathy Ice[12]
#2 Summer 1994 Original art
by Quinton Hoover
Revised Edition
Mezlok's Challenge by Mark Poole (part one)
The Dark by Kathy Ice, Beverly Marshall Saling and Rick Saling Marshall
Lost in the Shuffle: The Grand Melee, by Richard Garfield[13]
#3 Fall 1994 Original art
by Drew Tucker
The Dark
Fallen Empires
A History of the Fallen Empires
Mezlok's Challenge by Mark Poole (part two)
On The Road To The World Title, by Zak Dolan[14]
An MTGer at Gencon by Mark Rosewater[15]
Nalathni Dragon promo[16]
#4 March 1995 Original art
by Melissa Benson
Fallen Empires Animal Trap by Mark Sumner 10 Mental Locks of Magic, by Mark Rosewater[17]
Mana Maze Solitaire Rules, by Mark Rosewater (with help from Gene Rosewater)[18]
According to Mr. Pling, by Scott Hungerford[19]
Wizard's Chess, by Tom Hazel[19]
Magic in the Classroom, by Susan Mohn[19]
Fallen Empires tokens[20]
The Expanding Worlds of Magic, by Ricard Garfield[21]
Mini Gift Box Edition June 1995 Original art
by Amy Weber
Fourth Edition Profile of a Magic Artist: Amy Weber
#5 June 1995 Original art
by Liz Danforth
Ice Age
Fourth Edition
A Look at Magic:the Gathering - Ice Age
Feast of Kjeld, by John Tynes
Ice Age fold-out map
Lost in the Shuffle: Games within Games, by Richard Garfield[22]
#6 August 1995 Original art
by Rob Alexander
Ice Age
How Magic was Born, by Peter Adkison
Meet the "Eastcoasters", by Scott Kirschner
Cluster Decks, by Beth Moursund[23]
#7 October 1995 Original art
by Mark Tedin
Homelands Homelands; the Making of an Magic Expansion,
by Christopher Ferris[24]
The Slowing of His Heart, by Michael G. Ryan
Long and Winding Road: The 1995 Magic World Championship ,
by Mark Rosewater[25]
Playing Your Pet: Rough-Testing A Magic Deck, by Beth Moursund[26]
#8 December 1995 Original art
by Heather Hudson
Homelands From the Library of Leng: Eron the Relentless[27]
Ashes of the Sun (ecxerpt), by Hanovi Braddock.
House Rules: Assassins, by David Kimmel[28]
Making Enemies: Designing Decks in Pairs, by Mark Rosewater[29]
Lost in the Shuffle: A Short History of The Great Dalmuti by Richard Garfield[4]
In Control: Key Strategies for Ice Age by Jim Lin[30]
#9 February 1996 Original art
by Randy Gallegos
From the Library of Leng: Autumn Willow[31] Lost in the Shuffle: Rituals in Gaming, by Richard Garfield[32]
Murk Dwellers by Tom Wylie[33]
The Power of Death by Robert Hahn[34]
Wizards of the Coast's Experimental Tournament System
by Rick McGabe and Mark Rosewater.[35]
On the Trail of the Throat Wolf by Mike Selinker.
#10 May 1996 Original art
by Scott Kirschner
From the Library of Leng: Baron Sengir[31] House Rules: Zero Sum, Siege and Landless Magic[28]
The Magic: The Gathering Card Reprint Policy
#11 July 1996 Original art
by Richard Kane Ferguson
Alliances From the Library of Leng: Lord of Tresserhorn[31] Lost in the Shuffle: Serious Fun, by Richard Garfield[36]
Do You Know Your Gorillas?[37]
#12 September 1996 Force of Will
Alliances From the Library of Leng: Verduran Enchantress Oversized Juzám Djinn card
Lost in the Shuffle: The World of Games, by Richard Garfield[4]
#13 October 1996 Crimson Hellkite
Fifth Edition
From the Library of Leng:
Phyrexian Dreadnought and Prismatic Circle
The War of
A Who's-Who Guide to Mirage
Murk Dwellers: Leaner and Meaner, by Tom Wylie
The Horizon Shimmers. The Making of Mirage, by Michael G. Ryan
Lost in the Shuffle: Playing for Money, by Richard Garfield
#14 December 1996 Final Fortune
From the Library of Leng: Serra Angel[38] Deck Deconstruction: Turbo-Stasis Decks, by Beth Moursund
Taking Card Advantage, by Brian Weissman[39]
Lost in the Shuffle: Required Reading, by Richard Garfield[3]
#15 February 1997 Talruum Champion
Visions From the Library of Leng: Goblin Recruiter
Visions Told: The Resolution of the War for Jamuraa, by Pete Venters
Visions of Glory, by Michael G. Ryan
Fun with Foil Decks by Michael Long[34]
Lost in the Shuffle: Liar's Dice, by Richard Garfield
#16 April 1997 Phantom Monster
Fifth Edition Dominian Chronicles, by Pete Venters, Kij Johnson and Scott Hungerford
  • Dominia, Dominaria. What's the Deal?
  • A Quick Tour of Dominaria
  • Walkers of the Planes
  • Dominaria Facts
The Phantom's Back, by Tom Jenkot[40]
Lost in the Shuffle: Of Mice and Men, by Richard Garfield[3]
#17 June 1997 Mirri, Cat Warrior
Weatherlight Fortune Favors the Bold, by Michael G. Ryan[41]
Maelstrom, by Michael G. Ryan[42]
Mind over Magic, by Robert Hahn[43]
Lost in the Shuffle: Games and Politics, by Richard Garfield[4]
#18 August 1997 Maraxus of Keld
Weatherlight Takes Center Stage, by Michael G. Ryan[44]
Torrent, by Michael G. Ryan[45]
Lost in the Shuffle: Modeling Game Politics, by Richard Garfield[4]
#19 October 1997 BattleTech Tempest
Continuity FAQ #1
Dominian Chronicles, by Pete Venters
  • Weatherlight Ports of Call
Tempest on the Horizon, by Michael G. Ryan[46]
Deck Deconstruction: Prosperous Bloom, by Beth Moursund
Lost in the Shuffle: You Really Can't Win Them All, by Richard Garfield[47]
#20 December 1997 Selenia, Dark Angel
Tempest Dominian FAQ #2
Dominian Chronicles. A Dark Corner of the Multiverse,
by Pete Venters
Tempest Storyboard,
by Michael G. Ryan, Mark Rosewater and Pete Venters
Before the Storm. The Making of Tempest, by Mark Rosewater[48]
Dangerous Minds, by Mark Rosewater[49]
Expanding Shandalar. MicroProse Magic Kicks into High Gear,
by Beth Moursund
Lost in the Shuffle: Image is Everything, by Richard Garfield
#21 January 1998 Commander Greven il-Vec
Tempest Dominian FAQ #3
Dominian Chronicles. Stepping into The Darkness,
by Pete Venters
Sisay's Quest, Part 1. The Heart of a Minotaur, by Kij Johnson
Lost in the Shuffle: A Game by Any Other Name, by Richard Garfield[47]
Taming the Beast, by Michael G. Ryan[50]
Oversized Shivan Dragon card
#22 February 1998 Squee's Toy
Vanguard II Dominian FAQ #4 Lost in the Shuffle: All for One and One for All, by Richard Garfield[52]
#23 March 1998 Volrath's Curse
Stronghold Dominian FAQ #5
Dominian Chronicles. The Heart of Rath: The Art of Darkness
by Pete Venters
Sisay's Quest, Part 2. The Knife's Edge, by Kij Johnson
Making Wine of the Grapes of Rath, by Rob Dalton
#24 April 1998 Crovax the Cursed
Stronghold Dominian FAQ #6
Dominian Chronicles. The Lurker's Guide to the Stronghold, by Pete Venters
Stronghold Storyboard, by Michael G. Ryan, Mark Rosewater and Pete Venters
Lost in the Shuffle: Credit where Dues, by Richard Garfield[53]
#25 May 1998 Tidal Warrior
Stronghold Dominian FAQ #7
Sisay's Quest, Part 3. Old Wars, by Kij Johnson
#26 June 1998 Xena: Warrior Princess Dominian FAQ #8 Dances with Gnomes, by Beth Moursund[54]
Lost in the Shuffle: Nothing Beats Good Old Rock, by Richard Garfield[4]
#27 July 1998 Soltari Visionary
Exodus Dominian FAQ #9 A Deck, a Brain, and a Lot of Friends, by Dave Mills[55]
#28 August 1998 Gerrard Capashen
Portal Second Age
Exodus Storyboard, by Michael G. Ryan
Exodus Files Exposed, by Michael G. Ryan
Lost in the Shuffle: Don't Twitch or You're Dead, by Richard Garfield
#29 September 1998 Doomtown Exodus
Born to Greatness, Part One, by J. Robert King The Art of Beatdown, by David Price[56]
#30 October 1998 Serra Angel
Unglued House Rules, by Jesse Decker[28]
Chickens and Cows and Clams, Oh My, by Ma "Mark Rosewater" Ro
Lost in the Shuffle: The Dojo Effect, by Richard Garfield[4]
#31 November 1998 Urza Planeswalker
Urza's Saga Forgotten Lore: The Sleeper Agent Awakes, by Scott McGough Cycling into Urza's Saga, by William Jockusch
Presenting the Duelist Oracle
#32 December 1998 Karn, Silver Golem
Urza's Saga From the Ground Up, by Scott McGough[57]
The Beckoning Sky. Born to Greatness, Part Two, by J. Robert King.

Lost in the Shuffle: Hive Mind, by Richard Garfield[4]
#33 January 1999 5 Years
Urza's Saga
Vanguard III
Sixth Edition
In the Beginning, by Peter Adkison[59]
Mechanically Inclined, by Brady Dommermuth[60]
Simple Rules are the Holy Grail of Magic, by Dan Gray[61]
The DCI Organizes Magic Play, by Jason Carl[62]
Musings on the History of the Magic Pro Tour, by Mark Justice[63]
What You See Is What You Get, by Pete Venters[64]
A Magic History of Time, by Michael G. Ryan[65]
What A Few Minutes With Richard Garfield, by Mark Rosewater[66]
I Never Metagame I Didn't Like: The History of the Magic Metagame,
by Mike Flores[67]
First official Duelist Price Index
#34 February 1999 Gix
Sixth Edition Dominian FAQ #10
Dominaria Timeline, by Dannen McDermott and Scott McGough
Never to be Free. Born to Greatness, Part Three, by J. Robert King.
Playing Magic Solitaire, by Mike Mikaelian[68]
Lost in the Shuffle: How I Got Filthy Rich on my Summer Vacation, by Richard Garfield[53]
#35 March 1999 Pokémon Sixth Edition
Urza's Legacy
Mark my Words; Foiled Again, by Mark Rosewateref
A Gift to Last. Urza's legacy Preview., by Jennifer Clarke Wilkes
As Duelist
#36 April 1999 Radiant, Archangel
Sixth Edition
Urza's Legacy
Forgotten Lore: Jhoira de Vivre, by Jess Lebow
Past Mistakes, Future Hope, by Scott McGough, Daneen McDermott and Jess Lebow
Lost in the Shuffle: A Game Player's Resolution, by Richard Garfield[4]
#37 May 1999 Shanodin Dryads
Sixth Edition
Vanguard IV
Classic, Sixth Edition and You. Why we did what we did, by Bill Rose
#38 June 1999 Hammer of Bogardan
Sixth Edition Dominian FAQ #11 Classic: Magic's Bumper Crop, by Michael G. Ryan[69]
Lost in the Shuffle: Turbo Hearts V 2.0, by Richard Garfield
#39 July 1999 Star wars Portal Three Kingdoms
Urza's Destiny
Scent of Cinder alternate art promo[70]
#40 August 1999 Phyrexian Negator
Urza's Destiny Forgotten Lore: Yavimaya, Evolution of a Warrior, by Daneen McDermott
Urza's Moments of Destiny, by Scott McGough, Daneen McDermott, and Jess Lebow

Lost in the Shuffle: The Silence Between the Notes, by Richard Garfield[4]
#41 September 1999 Pokémon special
Duelist presents
Magic: the Gathering
Mercadian Masques
(#42) October 1999 Mercadian Masques Mercadian Masques Mercadian Masques promo comic.[71] Mercadian Masques player's guide
Warmonger promo (feather expansion symbol)
As TopDeck Magazine
#1 December 1999 Pokémon Mercadian Masques Free Mercadian Masques booster
#2 January 2000 Black Lotus Mercadian Masques Free Urza's Saga booster
Lightning Hounds promo (feather expansion symbol)
#4 March 2000 Crovax Nemesis The Dark Ambassador Nemesis player's guide
#8 July 2000 Pokémon Prophecy Prophecy player's guide
#12 November 2000 Harry Potter Invasion Invasion player's guide
#13 December 2000 Pokémon Better Living Through Spinal Replacement[8]
#14 January 2001 Pokémon Starter 2000 Starter 2000 Sampler pack which included nine standard Sixth Edition cards
Spined Wurm card without expansion symbol.


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