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The Gatewatch

The Gatewatch
Gatewatch cropped
Founded on Zendikar
Active Mending Era
Notable members Chandra Nalaar, Teferi, Kaya, Liliana Vess

The Gatewatch is a group of planeswalkers initially allied together to fight the Eldrazi on Zendikar. Named for their defense of Sea Gate. Their commitment is to protect the people of the Multiverse from threats that no one else can handle.[1][2] From Battle for Zendikar up until War of the Spark, the Gatewatch became the center of Magic's storyline.[3]

Membership[ | ]

The group was founded by Gideon Jura, Jace Beleren, Chandra Nalaar, and Nissa Revane.[4]

Name Status Joined Oath Left Note
Gideon Jura Deceased "For justice and peace, I will keep watch." Sacrificed himself to save Liliana from her demonic contract.
Jace Beleren Compleated; cured but withdrawn "For the sake of the Multiverse, I will keep watch." De facto leader. Infected while trying to save Vraska on New Phyrexia and compleated. Managed to fight off the infection but decided not to convene with the rest of the Gatewatch, instead plotting alongside Vraska.
Chandra Nalaar Active "If it means that people can live in freedom, yeah, I'll keep watch."
Nissa Revane Sparkless after the Great Pruning "For the life of every plane, I will keep watch." Left the group in protest after Gideon insisted in helping Liliana to kill her last demon. Rejoined during the War of the Spark. However, events in the Zendikar crisis against Nahiri have marred her relationship with Jace and she thus cut ties. However, she remains friendly with Chandra and helps the group against the Phyrexian menace.[5] Ultimately, despite her schisms with Jace and Chandra, she considers herself part of the Gatewatch.[6] Later compleated in a failed assault on New Phyrexia, but healed after the invasion ended; however, was one of the planeswalkers who lost their spark, limiting her ability to intervene.
Liliana Vess Active "I'll keep watch. Happy now?" Left the group when Nicol Bolas gained control over her. After the Elder Dragon's defeat, she fled to avoid retribution for her part in helping Bolas during the War of the Spark. However, later she joined back to deal with the Phyrexian threat.[6]
Ajani Goldmane Compleated but reversed "Until all have found their place, I will keep watch." Joined the Phyrexian faction, but healed by Melira.
Teferi Akosa Sparkless after the Great Pruning "For the lost and forgotten, I will keep watch."[7] One of the planeswalkers who lost their spark, limiting his ability to intervene.
Kaya Cassir Active "So everyone gets what they truly deserve, I will keep watch."
Elspeth Tirel, Kaito Shizuki, Lukka, Nahiri, Tyvar Kell, Vraska, The Wanderer Mixed "For the life of every plane, we will all keep watch."[6][8] A ten-planeswalker strike force that infiltrated New Phyrexia. Jace, Lukka, Nahiri, Nissa, and Vraska were compleated in the assault.

Additionally, Lavinia, Jace's assistant on Ravnica, is in charge of maintaining the Gatewatch's headquarters on that plane and knows that they are planeswalkers.

History[ | ]

Zendikar[ | ]


The Gatewatch fight back the Eldrazi on Zendikar.

The Gatewatch was formed after the founding members together defeated the demon planeswalker Ob Nixilis on Zendikar.[9] The four planeswalkers realized that they were helpless against large threats on their own, but that they could stand against just about any force in the Multiverse by working together. Thus they swore an oath to stand together and the Gatewatch was created.[2] Jace devised a plan to bind the Eldrazi Titans Kozilek and Ulamog to Zendikar, drawing the bulk of the Titans into the plane so that their energy could be dispersed into Zendikar, killing them in the process.[10] Helped by a massive fire spell of Chandra, they succeeded.[11]

After the defeat of the Eldrazi titans, Jace and his friends were berated by Ugin for killing the ancient creatures. Ugin implied there could be consequences for the multiverse and that Sorin Markov (one of the other original Eldrazi planeswalker opponents) would be less forgiving.[12] After consultation with his friends, Jace decided to investigate Sorin's whereabouts on his homeplane of Innistrad, and recruit him as an ally against Nicol Bolas and other interplanar threats.

Innistrad[ | ]

EMN m3 i

The Gatewatch participate in the Battle of Thraben.

On Innistrad, Jace found only madness that affected the entire plane that soon proved to be the influence of the last Eldrazi Titan Emrakul. Aided by the planeswalker Tamiyo, he returned to Zendikar to bring the rest of the Gatewatch to fight Emrakul. When Liliana Vess came to their aid with a Zombie army, her reception by the Gatewatch was poor, especially since Nissa felt the dark magic radiating from the Chain Veil.[13] While that power protected her against Emrakul's insidious influence and allowed her to attack the Titan directly, it also took a great toll on her body, leaving her near death.

When she reawakened, Emrakul had been sealed in Innistrad's moon by the Gatewatch and Tamiyo, and her wounds had been healed by the other planeswalkers. Seeing that a group of allies could be useful for her long-time plans, she decided to join the Gatewatch, albeit to direct them for her plans.[14]

Ravnica[ | ]

In the three months that followed, the Gatewatch made its headquarters on Ravnica. Thanks to the aid of Tamiyo, they received an emissary from the Consulate of Kaladesh, the Vedalken Dovin Baan. The Vedalken wanted to hire the Gatewatch to protect an Inventor's fair that would take place in Ghirapur. Liliana, however, quickly made clear that the Gatewatch intended to combat other planeswalkers and similar extraplanar threats, not local unrest. Additionally, several influential members of the Azorius Senate of Ravnica had been petrified, leaving Jace to believe that Vraska, a rival planeswalker, could have returned. When they discovered that Chandra and Liliana had vanished, they suspected that she might have planeswalked to Kaladesh. Nissa volunteered to find them.[15]

Kaladesh[ | ]

Dramatic Reversal

The Gatewatch enters the arena of Kaladesh together.

After Liliana discovered that Tezzeret was active on the plane, she alerted Jace and Gideon, who traveled to Kaladesh and met with Nissa and Chandra, as well as their new ally Ajani Goldmane. Together, the group went into the arena where Tezzeret was about to execute Renegade Prime Pia Nalaar in a quicksmithing match. When the planeswalkers confronted him, Tezzeret announced the end of the Inventor's Fair and retreated to a skyship. Discovering that their presence had been used as a distraction to confiscate the inventions displayed at the Fair and to take the inventors prisoner, the Gatewatch swore to uncover what Tezzeret had planned.[16]

The Gatewatch aided the Renegades in their rebellion against the Consulate. They were helped by Ajani Goldmane, who afterward joined the team. Despite Ajani's plea that they should further amass allies before confronting Tezzeret and his master Nicol Bolas, the rest of the group decided to follow the artificer to Amonkhet.[17]

Amonkhet[ | ]

Open into Wonder

The Gatewatch enters Naktamun through the Hekma.

On Amonkhet, the Gatewatch discovered that Bolas was creating an army of Eternals; highly trained fighting specialists which had been zombified while keeping their skills intact. When they confronted the dragon, they were soundly defeated. Each one fled away on their own.[18] Most of them managed to retreat to Dominaria, which Ajani had suggested as a gathering point. However, Jace became trapped on Ixalan by the power of the Immortal Sun.

Dominaria[ | ]

The shock of losing Jace as well as the anger towards Liliana's actions caused Nissa to leave the Gatewatch. Chandra, realizing the Gatewatch was not strong enough, also quickly left Dominaria.[19] Thus, only Gideon and Liliana were left to confront the demon Belzenlok on their own, because defeating him would free Liliana's potential that would be needed in their fight against Bolas.

Gideon and Liliana would later board onto the new Weatherlight to fight against the Cabal, ruled by Belzenlok. Later, Chandra regrouped with them. The Weatherlight's crew had wanted to find Karn, and Chandra had wanted to find Jaya Ballard, and all of this coincided in Yavimaya.

Jace, who managed to escape from Ixalan due to the Immortal Sun's removal, managed to locate his friends in the Weatherlight. After he told them the plans of Bolas, he went away to help Ajani to recruit more people.[20]

The three members of Gatewatch in the Weatherlight (Chandra, Gideon, and Liliana), along with the other boarding members of the new Weatherlight, notably the planeswalkers Teferi, Karn, and Jaya, managed to defeat the Cabal's Stronghold and kill Belzenlok. Then Teferi made his Oath and joined the Gatewatch. Jaya and Karn refrained from officially joining. But all of them left Dominaria to find Jace, except Liliana who fell under the control of Nicol Bolas due to her pact with the demons that he had brokered.

War of the Spark[ | ]

The Gatewatch plotted to engage Bolas on Ravnica. Little did they suspect that Bolas had not only accounted for their interference but was practically relying on it.[21] When they traveled to Ravnica for the final confrontation, they immediately became trapped there due to Bolas's use of the Immortal Sun. Alongside many other planeswalkers and Ravnicans, they fought against the Eternals of Bolas' Dreadhorde.[22]

During the invasion, the trapped planeswalkers got together with Ravnican leaders to strategize. At Jace's recommendation, they decided to split up into teams to focus on specific tasks. Gideon, Aurelia, Angrath, and Huatli led a massive force of planeswalkers and Boros, Izzet, and Simic troops into battle against the God-Eternal Rhonas, who was leading a battalion of Eternals to destroy the gathered opposition. Gideon and Aurelia led the aerial units, while Angrath led the ground units. After battling his way to Rhonas, Gideon was able to kill the god, stabbing him in the eye with the Blackblade and draining his essence. Rhonas' lazotep shell collapsed to the ground, an empty husk.

Later, Gideon instructed Chandra to reactivate the Immortal Sun (which she had disabled), intending to use Bolas' trap against him. He rode his pegasus toward the dragon, only for the God-Eternal Oketra to shoot the pegasus down. However, the demon lord Rakdos caught him and brought him within striking distance of Bolas. He struck Bolas in the head with Blackblade, but the sword broke against the dragon's flesh; Bolas revealed that he had enchanted Blackblade so that it would never be able to hurt another elder dragon again.[23]

Meanwhile, Jace, Jaya, Teferi, and Vivien had volunteered to assassinate Liliana. Jace had a lot of conflicting feelings about their mission: rationally, he knew that it was the right thing to do, but he still cared for her and wished that there was a way to help her. When they found Liliana, Teferi warped time around her, slowing her ability to react, defend herself, or strike back at her attackers. This allowed Jaya and Vivien to badly wound her with fire, arrows, and animal spirits, although the Onakke spirits in Liliana's Chain Veil protected her. Nonetheless, they almost succeeded, but Bolas stepped in and saved Liliana by destroying the buildings they were standing on. Fortunately, Teferi saved himself and the other three planeswalkers by slowing their falls.

After Liliana repented, Bolas used the power of the demons' contract against her. Gideon sacrificed himself to save her, using his hieromancy to take the contract and its lethal effects upon himself.[24] When Chandra tried to kill Liliana (believing she'd killed Gideon), Jace stopped her by explaining the situation. After Bolas' defeat, Jace was telepathically contacted by Ugin, who came to take Bolas to the Meditation Realm to prevent him from coming back to life on Ravnica. At Ugin's request, Jace used an illusion to hide the fact that Ugin had planeswalked away with Bolas' body, making everyone believe that the corpse had disintegrated instead.

Coincident with the events of War, Kaya joined and Nissa rejoined the Gatewatch.[25] The survivors were present during the Planewide Celebration that followed their victory, and held a memorial service for Gideon on Theros, but soon after most went their separate ways.[26]

Karn, Ajani, and Teferi travelled to Femeref to discuss the growing threat of New Phyrexia.[27]

Innistrad[ | ]

By request of Arlinn Kord, Chandra, Teferi and Kaya travelled to Innistrad to fight the coming of the Eternal Night. Failing to do so they formed a resistance group to battle Olivia Voldaren's vampires and sought the help of Sorin Markov.[28] Together, they managed to help the locals in restoring the normal day-night cycle.[29] Before their departure, Teferi urged Arlinn to be on guard against the return of an old enemy, the Phyrexians.

Dominaria United[ | ]

Ajani was revealed as a Phyrexian sleeper agent and killed Jaya Ballard during the second Phyrexian Invasion of Dominaria.[30] He disabled and took Karn to New Phyrexia, leaving the Gatewatch without their strategic commander.

Brother's War[ | ]

Teferi, Saheeli and Kaya resolved to find a solution to the Phyrexian problem in the past, and installed the Temporal Anchor in Urza's Tower.[31] Here, they were joined by Jodah, Wrenn, Elspeth and Vivien Reid.[31] They devised a plan to mobilize Kaldheim and Ixalan. Meanwhile, Jace was on Ravnica lobbying for support from the guilds, while Chandra had gone to Zendikar to contact Nissa, who acquiesced to this event. Saheeli intended to spearhead the defense of Kaladesh. Information dispensed by Tezzeret showed them that the Mirran camp on New Phyrexia itself, led by Koth, was still active.[31]

An attack on the Temporal Anchor left them without Teferi as a commander, but further planeswalkers from recent years joined the strike force, including Vraska, The Wanderer, Kaito Shizuki, Tyvar Kell, and Lukka.[6] Together, they planned a counter-attack on New Phyrexia, in collaboration with the forces of Koth and Urabrask. They planned to use the Sylex to destroy Realmbreaker, and Elspeth Tirel offered to guide them there.

Against the Phyrexians[ | ]


The Gatewatch strike team arrives on New Phyrexia.

New Phyrexia's planar defense proved formidable, as it scattered the strike team, several of whom were unconscious upon landing. Ironically, none of them were compleated that way: Vraska was captured but fought for hours, Nahiri was infected while defending Kaito, and Jace was infected trying to rescue Vraska. Lukka and Nissa were isolated and due to Lukka's eludha with a Phyrexian beast, he was quickly compleated and hunted down Nissa. In the Seedcore, Elspeth took a detonating Sylex off the plane, marking the end of the Gatewatch's mission as a failure.

With the covert strike unsuccessful, the remaining Gatewatch prepared for invasion to varying degrees of success. Liliana on Arcavios and Ral on Ravnica managed to deflect them completely with many casualties, while Kaldheim (Tyvar), Kamigawa (Kaya, Kaito and the Wanderer), Ikoria (Vivien), Ixalan (Huatli), and Kaladesh (Saheeli) had planar defenders that struggled to contain the invasion. Chandra and Wrenn went to New Phyrexia in a second attempt to refuse Realmbreaker, which was successful with Elspeth's return as an archangel. Wrenn was able to reach Teferi on Zhalfir and open paths for all the plane's angels to pour in. The operation was a success, with Norn's demise neutralizing the Phyrexians across the multiverse, but the Great Pruning cost many Gatewatch members their spark and also opened omenpaths across the planes, putting the mission statement and the Gatewatch's purpose in doubt.

Relations with other Planeswalkers[ | ]

Name First Contact Last Contact Relation Note
Arlinn Kord Ally By request of Arlinn Kord, Chandra, Teferi and Kaya traveled to Innistrad to fight the coming of the Eternal Night. She was one of the various planar defenders against New Phyrexia.
Dovin Baan Deceased (former enemy) Dovin approached the Gatewatch under the orders of the Consulate but was wary of them and several of their methods. He later fought them because he was loyal to the Consulate, and in War of the Spark, he sided with Bolas against them, fighting Chandra.
Elspeth Tirel Ally Elspeth has joined the New Dominarian Coalition against the Second Phyrexian Invasion. Has been given the rank of a military commander, as the most experienced combatant amongst planeswalkers.
Huatli Ally The contact on Ixalan recruited to defend the plane against Phyrexia.
Jaya Ballard Deceased (former ally) Like Karn, Jaya fought alongside the Gatewatch against the Cabal. She refused to join the Gatewatch formally but continued to join forces to fight Bolas. Killed by Ajani Goldmane during Dominaria United.
Kaito Shizuki Ally One of the recruits for the strike force against New Phyrexia, alongside the Wanderer. Either he or the Wanderer would likely have informed the Gatewatch of Tamiyo's compleation.
Karn Ally; desparked Karn fought alongside the Gatewatch against the Cabal led by Belzenlok. He refused to join the Gatewatch formally because he considered New Phyrexia as his prime enemy but agreed to join forces against Bolas. Sparkless, having given up Venser's spark to heal Nissa and Ajani.
Kiora Ally; desparked Kiora was part of the team that fought Kozilek and Ulamog on Zendikar but left afterward in shame after nearly stopping their plan.
During War of the Spark, Kiora once again allied with the Gatewatch.
Lukka Compleated, Deceased Lukka has had no interaction with the Gatewatch before the Invasion. While he was present during the Oriq assault on Strixhaven at the same time as Liliana there were no recorded meetings. He was a member of the strike force on New Phyrexia. Compleated by a Phyrexian beast that he bonded with, killed by Vadrok on Ikoria.
Nahiri Ambiguous Nahiri formed a temporary truce with Sorin and helped the Gatewatch during War of the Spark. She was one of the planeswalkers who chose to stay even after the Immortal Sun was shut down. Was recruited as a member of the strike force against New Phyrexia; was wounded early and was slowly compleated. After Norn's demise, Nahiri regained autonomy, but swore a grudge against planeswalkers, marking her an adversary to the Gatewatch as a concept.
Nicol Bolas Enemy; desparked Nicol Bolas is the primary enemy of the Gatewatch. He managed to defeat them effortlessly on Amonkhet and controlled Liliana to turn against the team to work for him instead. He was eventually defeated by the alliance of Gatewatch, Ugin, and native ravnicans during the War of the Spark. He was left desparked and imprisoned in his personal Realm.
Ob Nixilis Neutral, desparked (former enemy; temporarily allied) Ob Nixilis fought the Gatewatch after he reignited his spark by absorbing the power of the hedron network used to seal the Eldrazi. He was later defeated by the Gatewatch and promised vengeance against them and fled. However, he helped the Gatewatch instead when he met them again during War of the Spark to shut down the Planar Bridge out of self-interest. He then refused to be involved in the event again and planeswalked away. Desparked in the Great Pruning.
Ral Zarek Ally Ral once served Nicol Bolas but turned against him during War of the Spark. Alongside Vraska, Ral helped Jace to revive Niv-Mizzet. He was later the main defender against Phyrexia on Ravnica.
Saheeli Rai Ally Saheeli is an ally of the Gatewatch on Kaladesh, joining forces with them to free her friend Rashmi from Tezzeret.
During War of the Spark, Saheeli helped the Gatewatch to shut down the Immortal Sun. Currently part of the New Dominarian Coalition as their chief technological expert and would be the main defender on Kaladesh against Phyrexia.
Samut Ally, desparked Samut fought alongside the Gatewatch before her ascension but had no contact with them afterward.
During War of the Spark, Samut helped the Gatewatch to shut down the Planar Bridge. She was one of the various planar defenders against New Phyrexia.
Sorin Markov Neutral Sorin rescued Jace and Tamiyo from a maddened Avacyn but considered them unimportant.

He formed a temporary truce with Nahiri and helped the Gatewatch during War of the Spark. He was one of the planeswalkers who chose to stay even after the Immortal Sun is shut down. He temporarily allies with the group to rescue his grandfather and the Moonsilver Key from Olivia Voldaren's possession and thus restore the balance between day and night in Innistrad. He was one of the various planar defenders against New Phyrexia.

Tamiyo Former Ally, Deceased Tamiyo refused to join formally but went on to pass the word of the Gatewatch's existence to other planeswalkers. Later, she was compleated and joined the Phyrexians; later killed by the Wanderer when Phyrexia returned to Kamigawa.
Teyo Verada Ally As a newly awakened planeswalker, he helped the Gatewatch during War of the Spark. Was offered a place among Gatewatch, but did not accept and Kaya took the offer instead. Aided the defense of Ravnica against Phyrexia.
Tezzeret Enemy Tezzeret is classified as an enemy of the Gatewatch, due to past involvements with Jace and Liliana as well as his actions against Chandra's family. Gone into hiding to recover after gaining his Darksteel body.
Tyvar Kell Ally, desparked He fought alongside Kaya during the events of Kaldheim and was a member of the strike force against New Phyrexia. Desparked in the Great Pruning.
Ugin Neutral Ugin tried to make the Gatewatch imprison the Eldrazi titans, but they destroyed the Titans instead. Ugin berated them for killing the ancient creatures instead of trapping them, fearing dire consequences for the multiverse. During the War of the Spark. Jace helped cover up Ugin's involvement in Bolas' defeat.
Vivien Reid Ally Has joined the New Dominarian Coalition against New Phyrexia in Dominaria at the behest of Kaya. Defended Ikoria against Phyrexia and Lukka.
Vraska Compleated; cured but withdrawn Vraska was hostile to Jace due to her past involvement with him in Ravnica, but the events that happened on Ixalan turned her into an ally. As a part of their plan to sabotage Bolas, she returned to Bolas' side after Jace removed her memories of him at her request. Her memories were ultimately restored and she helped Gatewatch fight Bolas and is in a close relationship with Jace. She was a member of the strike force against New Phyrexia, and was captured and compleated. Repelled from Ravnica by Ral, later healed by Ranna Beleren. Now plots alongside Jace.
The Wanderer Ally, desparked The Wanderer was one of the various planeswalkers that fought against Bolas on Ravnica. Either she or Kaito would likely have informed the Gatewatch of Tamiyo's compleation. She was a member of the strike force against New Phyrexia. Desparked in the Great Pruning.
Wrenn Deceased (former ally) Joined the New Dominarian Coalition at the behest of Teferi, died during the New Phyrexia campaign.

Other temporary allies during the War of the Spark that had no contact before or further contact afterward are:

In the cards[ | ]

Incomplete Founder Cycle[ | ]

The founding members of the Gatewatch represented four of the five colors, lacking only black. This gave the impression of an incomplete cycle, although the Gatewatch is a set of thematically linked characters, rather than a mechanically linked set. Additionally, the only black planeswalker present, Ob Nixilis, directly opposed the group. That circumstance led to the humorous observation that Ob Nixilis was previously known as Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath, thus “completing” the cycle of oaths.[32][33][34]

Joining the Gatewatch[ | ]

Any future members of the Gatewatch will have an “Oath” card printed to represent their induction to the group.[35][36]

Liliana was the first one who joined the Gatewatch after its formation. She and her oath are both Black, which completed the cycle. Note that the first five members of the Gatewatch are also the planeswalkers featured in Magic Origins.

Ajani was the first multi-colored member of the Gatewatch. His oath was also multicolored.

In Standard[ | ]

When the Gatewatch storyline was started, R&D began with the assumption that the members of the Gatewatch should always be represented on planeswalker cards in Standard. Starting with Hour of Devastation they will pull back significantly on how often Gatewatch planeswalkers appear. They'll appear when it's important but at a much slower rate.[37]

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References[ | ]

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