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The Guardian
Race Unknown
Birthplace Shandalar
Lifetime Unknown
Shandalar Player's Manual, Magic: the Gathering (Shandalar)

The Guardian's original name is unknown. He was apprentice to Kenan Sahrmal, the protector of Shandalar, who had been training the future Guardian and Azar since his apparent death at the hands of Lim-Dûl.

During the siege of Ardestan, Azar went against Sahrmal's counsel and attempted to defeat Lim-Dûl on his own. The apprentice went with Sahrmal to attempt to rescue Azar, but they were unsuccessful in this matter. Lim-Dûl and Azar's souls ended up fighting over Azar's body which remained immobile. Sahrmal buried the body in a secret location.

With the threat of Lim-Dûl gone, Sahrmal invested the rest of his power into his remaining apprentice. Sahrmal's pupil became known as The Guardian and took up the role of Protector of Shandalar. Sahrmal again vanished. The people of Shandalar soon came to trust The Guardian in the place of Sahrmal.

The Guardian established five guilds of magic, each responsible for teaching and guarding the use of the five colors of mana. The Guildlord of each guild was determined in a great contest.

When Lim-Dûl returned, The Guardian's wizard schools were prepared and defeated the necromancer. The Guardian then utilized Lim-Dûl's soul to keep the Great Barrier intact.

The Guardian's downfall came when Arzakon, a malicious planeswalker masquerading as a benevolent advisor, convinced the Guildlords that they could achieve more power by striking him down.