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The Legends of Magic was website dedicated to Magic storyline and continuity. It was a subsidiary of MTGNews and active between 2000 and 2002. In that time it was the main go-to site on the web for this kind of content.

The website was created by Jeff Lee, a fan who had assiduously collected every piece of storyline information he could find. He had the gracious help of former Wizards of the Coast Continuity director Pete Venters, who answered questions. He also had the support of writer Teri McLaren, who helped him with the details of the Brothers' War, a story she had helped flesh out for Wizards.

The site contained some unique information, the canonicity of which is sometimes doubtful because it contained very little in the way of annotations, as well as a number of mistakes and even some fan speculation presented as facts. Some of these "fake facts" have been repeated over and over by the Vorthos community. First on, then the MTG Salvation forum and finally on this MTG wiki. Sorting canon and apocrypha, and providing annotations where necessary, is an ungoing process.

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