The Monsters of Magic

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The Monsters of Magic is an anthologies novel published in August 2003. It features stories by Scott McGough, Will McDermott, Tim Ryan, Brian M. Thomsen, A. L. Lassieur, Denise R. Graham, Vance Moore, Steven E. Schend, Jess Lebow, Tom Dupree, Stephen D. Sullivan, and Paul B. Thompson. It was edited by J. Robert King.

Blurb[edit | edit source]

On Tolaria, a mage devises a spell that will exceed Urza's greatest creation, unless a phantom monster undoes it all. In Aphetto, a young fighter and his magic-eating atog launch a quest for vengeance against a deadly enemy. In Jamuraa, a cat-dragon discovers a whole nation like her and sets out to teach them who is queen.

Dragons, lhurgoyfs, delraichs, and other fearsome creatures from the world of Dominaria stalk the pages of these all-new tales.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Part I: Ancient Monsters[edit | edit source]

Who Is Queen?[edit | edit source]

by Scott McGough

The nekoru Wasitora discovers that there are others of her kind.

Ach! Hans, Run![edit | edit source]

by Will McDermott

Saffi Eriksdotter encounters the lhurgoyf.

The Reluctant Student[edit | edit source]

by Tim Ryan

Barrin suspects that one of his students is responsible for an attack on Tolaria's mechanical guardians.

Unlikely Allies and Unjust Desserts[edit | edit source]

by Brian M. Thomsen

A dwarf, an orc and a goblin named Strother, Borg and Elam strike a bargain with a lord of the pit.

Part II: Modern Monsters[edit | edit source]

Ereth the Mighty[edit | edit source]

by A. L. Lassieur

The young elf student Ereth dreams to become a powerful conjurer one day. When her home Yavimaya is attacked by creatures resembling those from the Phyrexian Invasion she might get a chance to prove herself.

True Enough[edit | edit source]

by Denise R. Graham

Oly, a former sailor and a notorious drinker is convinced that he saw a monster. No one believes him until a stranger comes to town with stories about dangerous creatures.

Seasons of Slaughter[edit | edit source]

by Vance Moore

Cabalist Buric investigates animal killings a dragon might be responsible for. Strangely the carcasses were left alone. Whatever killed the cattle seemed to do it for pleasure, not to feed on them.

An Atog Comes to Aphetto[edit | edit source]

by Steven E. Schend

Rasarm and his atog Yekol break into the villa of Cabal lord Suarvol, who had Rasarms family killed on a whim.

Part III: Otherworldly Monsters[edit | edit source]

Delraich[edit | edit source]

by Jess Lebow

Betrayed by a caravan leader named Sleedge, the sorcerer Raitrick would do anything to get his vengeance.

Tap, Kraken & Pop[edit | edit source]

by Tom Dupree

Tap needs to find the fabled Isle of the Gilded Tree and get a golden leaf before he can marry his love.

Crucible[edit | edit source]

by Stephen D. Sullivan

Salla en-Dal lives in the Vec village of Travec and regards it as her home. Although she is not really accepted in the community she does everything to save the settlement from destruction.

The Voice of Command[edit | edit source]

by Paul B. Thompson

Colonel Mocklen il-Dal has to deal with the newly arrived and troublesome Light-General Rogur. It seems that they are to eradicate rebels in this area but the evincar himself left a mysterious note for Mocklen.