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The Nameless Angel
Race Angel
Birthplace Innistrad
Lifetime Mending Era

The Nameless Angel was an angel from Innistrad, that was worshiped in the Approaches of Kessig.[1] A beautiful — yet otherworldly — figure of pale, selenic skin and gossamer hair and clad in a red and white robe. Although she represented the Church of Avacyn, many of the local priests would rather wear her symbol (rising wings) than that of Avacyn. The Archangel was considered a too far-off divinity, and the faithful Approachers preferred a more personal angel.

The Nameless Angel had granted the Approaches the boon of the Seelenstone, the relic of the priory. Villagers were proud of the relic, which stilled the souls of the church's followers, preventing them from rising as a geist or other foul creature. But it also prevented a soul from returning to the Bog. And so while the Approachers were proud of the Angel's blessing, most still resisted conversion to the Church of Avacyn.

After the Angel became struck by Emrakul's madness, she was locked away by the people of the Priory. She was killed by old hunter Rom, and nailed to a wall in the catacombs. The body didn't decompose, and her blood stayed wet. Her soul spoke to Tacenda Verlasen and helped her defeat her sister Willia.