The Order

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The Order
Plane Dominaria
Notable Members
Eesha, Kangee, Kirtar, Pianna, Teroh

The Order was a White-aligned military/religious group based across Otaria during the Odyssey and Onslaught cycles. Its primary member races were human nomads and aven warriors.

History[edit | edit source]

The Order was comprised of two separate, although linked, branches: one centered in the Northern plains of Otaria and one around the Southern Daru Plains. Their belief system was based around a mysterious entity known as the Ancestor and around the danger posed by magical artifacts, resulting from the damage caused by artifacts in the Phyrexian Invasion. As a result, the Order's members sought out potentially dangerous artifacts such as the Mirari and destroyed them. For this reason the Order repeatedly came into conflict with Kamahl.

The Order had a complex relationship with the Cabal. Generally, the Order looked down upon them, but their actual approach towards dealing with the Cabal varied depending on the leadership. Whilst some of the Order's members, such as Teroh, regarded the Cabal as abhorrent and tried to launch crusades against it, others were more pragmatic. Eesha entered into an alliance with the Cabal in order to destroy the Mirari, whilst Kirtar regularly participated in pit-fights, if only to demonstrate the superiority of the Order's training. Overall, neither the Order or the Cabal had sufficient forces to destroy the other, so they were forced to tolerate each other.

Following the destruction of the Northern Order's citadel by Lieutenant Kirtar and the deaths of much of its leadership, including Captain Pianna and Major Teroh, and the failure of Teroh's crusade against the Cabal, the Northern Order largely fell apart. It still existed at the time of Karona under the leadership of Commander Eesha, but its military presence was heavily diminished. However, the Southern Order remained a significant power in Otaria at least until the coming of Karona and possibly beyond.

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